Adam Arrowsmith

New Community Platform Features: August 2016

Blog Post created by Adam Arrowsmith Employee on Aug 15, 2016

Our community platform, Jive, was upgraded last weekend bringing several notable usability and analytics features. Here's what's new:


Simplified Place Navigation

The various menu options such as Follow, Actions, and About have been consolidated and moved into the banner header. The option to Join Groups has been moved here as well.



Updated Content Editor

The content editor toolbar has been updated, putting often-used controls in convenient locations. Options for editing and styling tables have been updated as well.



And for content authors and moderators, categories and tags can quickly be modified after-the-fact without having to edit the entire document/thread.



Profile Redesign

Your user profile got a major face lift. Common links including Bookmarks and Rewards are top-level menu options and your most popular contributions are displayed prominently. You can also set an epic banner background image.



Another minor but useful change is your user avatar and profile photo are now one in the same to avoid confusion when uploading. Note that as part of the change your avatar image is

now your main profile photo. So if you previously uploaded a profile photo but not an avatar image, double check your profile to make sure you have the right image.


Profile Insights

You know you're awesome but now you can see it with the new Insights feature which displays high level analytics about your impact and interactions within the community.