Adam Arrowsmith

Welcome to the New Ideas for Boomi

Blog Post created by Adam Arrowsmith Employee on Mar 28, 2016

With the move to our community platform, it was a perfect opportunity to revisit and revamp our customer feedback/ideation program, now called "Ideas for Boomi." Ideas for Boomi is the place to share your innovative product ideas and improvement suggestions with us.


Please note the Ideas for Boomi space is only accessible to customers and partners.


What's New

For those of you who have shared ideas previously--thank you!--you'll be pleased to know we've brought over all the outstanding ideas. However there are several important changes:

  • Under one roof - Ideas for Boomi is now part of a consolidated community experience along with forums, knowledge base, and other product information.
  • Voting rules - You are no longer restricted to a maximum number of votes. You can create and vote on as many ideas as you'd like. Each vote has one point, there is no weighting of votes.
  • Clearly defined stages and communication expectations - One of the areas in which we wanted to improve was our feedback and communication expectations. As a result we've clearly defined our idea stages and process and introduced the concept of a vote threshold to guarantee review by the product team.


Expectations and Feedback

We believe setting expectations and providing transparent feedback about evaluation and decision making process is fundamental to building a collaborative relationship with you. It's important to close the feedback loop, whether we decide to move forward with an idea or not.


There are a lot of great ideas out there but the reality is we can't implement everything. And sometimes the best idea in the world just may not be feasible to implement or support or simply may not be the right fit for our products. Your votes and insightful comments help identify the most important and allows us to focus our efforts on evaluating ideas that could have the greatest benefit to the most customers.


Lastly we follow an agile development methodology and deliver new releases frequently. This allows us to react to market and customer demands quickly but also means our longer-term roadmap (4+ months) is quite fluid. Keep this in mind when we update stages: you may not see an update for a while but if/when it does move to accepted or planned, it's something we are really planning to do and relatively soon. Accepting something to the backlog doesn't mean "maybe in 12-24 months" at Dell Boomi.


All About Innovation

As the users of our products, you are best positioned to share innovative ideas to help deal design, development, and management needs you face daily. We welcome all ideas but also want to give insight into our current product themes and priorities to help get the creative juices flowing. Stay tuned for future blog posts from the product team in Ideas for Boomi.


So welcome to the new Ideas for Boomi! I encourage you play an active part in shaping the platform by sharing your ideas, votes, and comments.


For full details on the Ideas for Boomi program, see Ideas for Boomi Overview and Stage Definitions. If you have questions or suggestions for the Ideas for Boomi program itself, please post your feedback in About the Community.