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Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy with Dell Boomi CTO Michael Morton

Blog Post created by Adam Arrowsmith Employee on Jun 6, 2016

I wanted to share a recent VMblog interview with our CTO Michael Morton about creating an Internet of Things (IoT) strategy. While widespread IoT implementations are still early days, it all begins with first understanding the technology and how to make sense of it. Michael shares his thoughts on the considerations for starting to craft your IoT strategy.


Here's an excerpt from "VMblog's Expert Interviews: Dell Boomi Talking Internet of Things (IoT)":

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already changing how consumers shop, live and interact; but it is also changing how companies do business.  For consumers, IoT is a marketing term used to describe everyday objects as Internet-connected devices.  And while IoT "smart home" based applications grab media headlines, it is the industrial and public services sector that will form the majority of the IoT device base.  According to industry reports, connected devices will number 38.5 billion in 2020, up from 13.4 billion in 2015: a rise of over 285%.




To find out more information, [VMblog] reached out to Michael Morton, CTO, Dell Boomi to discuss IoT in more detail and get a better education as to where things are headed.


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I'd love to hear your thoughts on if/how you're exploring IoT possibilities in your organization (or even your home!) and some of the challenges or lessons learned.