Project Greenlight Week: Spring 2016

Blog Post created by 30389103 Employee on Jun 29, 2016

Project Greenlight is our internal hackathon where the engineering team can let our imaginations run wild exploring fun use cases, hacking parts of the application together in new interesting ways, or working on pet projects. Not all projects will find their way onto a future product roadmap as-is but that's not the point. Even the most seemingly impractical project can lead to unexpected insights and inspiration.


This time the teams seemed to focus on everything but the kitchen sink: from building a process with pieces from a 3D printer to chatting with a bot on Facebook about processes run on their account to making noises with their computers from log traffic and everything in between. During the week long hackathon teams definitely strove for "coolness" but were able to create working prototypes as well. Of course problems, as they seem to do, always show up. In working through issues, each team came away having learned valuable lifelong lessons, not unlike the final moments of an 80's TV show.


At the end of the week, teams presented their results identifying the accomplishments, successes, triumphs and benefits of the project. The reward was....typical....pizza and enjoy the rest of the holiday.


Here's a recap of the projects. Also be sure to watch the video below to see these projects in action!


We had twice (vs. last year) the amount of teams focused on leveraging the platform as it stands today. No modification, no tweaks (maybe some additional monitoring applications...):

  • Connector SDK Accelerator - SDK plugin for Intellij IDEA studio
  • Transportation IoT - Extract data from an ODB2 port on a car and ran the data through a process integrating the data pulled against Google Maps to show automobile data alongside position information on a Google Map
  • Elastic Molecule - Dynamically scale a molecule running on Amazon AWS by adding/removing nodes based upon processing load
  • Facebook Bot - "Chat" with your AtomSphere account using a Facebook bot integration to discuss the finer points of your process execution statuses and such


Some projects that involved some rework under the hood of Boomi:

  • File Drop Giraffe - Submit MDM test data by dragging and dropping a file onto the UI...right into the mouth of a data-hungry giraffe!
  • Sharing is Caring - Share processes with anyone via a simple link
  • Build is a Drag-on - Drag and drop components from the Component Explorer directly onto the canvas or component chooser
  • Component Diff - Identify the changes between two versions of a component
  • Process Suggest 2.0 - Continuation of the capability to recommend the next shape on the process based on collective intelligence


Some more of which the customer benefits are much more, well....immediate:

  • Help Guide Restructure - Revisit the structure of the Help guide to make it more user task-oriented vs. UI-navigation-oriented
  • UI Standardization and Accessibility - Forward looking design plan for standardizing and improving UX behaviors and accessibility


And then there are always the "Wyld Stallyns":

  • Boomi Blocks - 3D-print real world process shapes, arrange them on a whiteboard, take a picture, and then import into Boomi to automatically create a process
  • Build a Tablet - Hack together a MacGyver-style tablet using Raspberry Pi, a screen, some duct tape, a rubber band, and a little ingenuity
  • Next Generation Log Sonification - Immerse yourself in the staccato ambient sounds produced by incoming MDM log traffic for personal relaxation...or to identify when some processing goes awry (or so they said)


(Kudos to Chris Taylor for the video production!)


What fun, innovative things have you done with Boomi??