Adam Arrowsmith

Enabling Your Citizen Integrator Agenda

Blog Post created by Adam Arrowsmith Employee on Jul 28, 2016

Dell Boomi AtomSphere enables partners and customers to create and manage packaged, reusable integration solutions called Integration Packs that can be shared with citizen integrators and business users. Integration Packs simplify setup (even self-service in some cases) and greatly reduce time-to-value while still maintaining governance and consistency across implementations.


We're now making available an Integration Pack User Interface (IPUI) demonstration web application, with source code, to help partners and customers accelerate the development of their own user interfaces to provision, configure, and manage integration packs. These user interfaces can be customized and stylized for the purposes of embedding within the partner's application, company portals, marketplaces, etc. to provide customers and end users with a seamless experience.


Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 2.30.35 PM.png


The IPUI web application leverages the AtomSphere APIs and Partner APIs to demonstrate how to:

  • provision a new customer sub account
  • generate a URL the new customer uses for access to their sub account and integration pack entitlements
  • install an integration pack and configuration of:
    • connectors
    • properties
    • process properties
    • mapping extensions
  • execute an integration process
  • create execution schedules for integration processes
  • monitor execution of integration processes


Want to learn more? Visit Integration Pack Demo Application Overview to get the code and get started embedding integration within your applications.