Greenlight Week Take 3! Fall 2016

Blog Post created by kbarlow@boomi.com Employee on Dec 1, 2016

What happens when you take a room full of people and give them the Greenlight to work on whatever their heart desires? Only some of the best things since sliced bread!


We here at Dell Boomi, have recently had our third ever Greenlight internal hackathon which is a week of fun, festivity, and innovation where members of the Dell Boomi family get together to work on self-inspired projects! This provides an opportunity to work on topics and ideas we may not otherwise have the opportunity to work on in our normal day-to-day routine. Projects often include application enhancements or new ways to apply our products. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback on the Greenlight initiative and people have taken on some truly remarkable endeavors.


In this iteration, we’ve had more teams than ever as people got together and worked on a whopping 19 different projects. To highlight a few:


Script This: Custom Scripting Component

Component-ized the Custom Scripting Editor to make it more user-friendly and facilitate re-usability.



Silent Atom Smashers: Container installation driver for unattended installations

Leveraging the ability to do silent container installations, this team created a process that can be used to install and configure containers automatically on Windows & Linux!


Container Installation Driver Process


When Boomi Met Alexa: Create an Amazon Alexa Skill

Built an integration with Alexa that allows users to initiate processes and check the status of MDM records with voice commands.



Team Notify: Boomi Push Notifications on Mobile

Created an extension to AtomSphere that would allow users to receive targeted push notifications on mobile platform.



"Cheesequake": Visual Performance Monitoring for MDM

Created a visual performance monitoring application for MDM which literally makes your head spin!



DubSteps: Update On-Boarding Wiki/Automate Provisioning Process

Sought to streamline the onboarding of new employees by reworking sections of our internal Wiki and automating the internal account provisioning process.



Mission H20: Molecule Network Performance Validation Tool

Developed a performance validation tool that can be used to test the network latency between atoms and network file systems to help monitor and improve application reliability.





All in all it’s an exciting week of fun, diversion, and brevity as we take time to keep ourselves fresh and engaged. This iteration even included a traditional popcorn maker! Please watch the video below for some insight into our experiences and ideas and a glimpse of how it all went down.


What cool stuff have you built in Boomi?


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