Boomithon17 - It's a wrap!

Blog Post created by div_manickam734116 Employee on Aug 8, 2017

Boomithon17, our first Boomi Flow (ManyWho) hackathon on Saturday, July 29th in San Francisco brought together diverse minds from developers to creators to the idea gurus. Creative Innovation was the driving theme as recognized by Steve Wood, "I'm always curious to see what we can do with Boomi Flow. It's awesome to see creative minds build on our platform."


The St. Francis Suite at the Westin St. Francis was filled with passionate people eager to brainstorm ideas and build flows and apps. We kicked off the event with Steve Wood sharing an overview of Boomi Flow and the platform with a demo. Right after, teams were eager to find novel ideas ranging from enterprise challenges to real-life problems.


The teams got together and started to brainstorm ideas for 2 hours and build innovative flows in 3 hours, pushing the boundaries of existing technology solutions. At times, it may seem like ideas are overflowing, but narrowing the idea to a compelling problem is the main dilemma. We had teams spend a majority of the time narrowing down the ideas to a substantial challenge that was worth solving. Once the idea was pinned down, a ManyWho account was created and added to a tenant for all the team members to collaborate together. Building flows so quickly and distributing the effort amongst the team with tutorials and documentation was crucial to each team’s success. It’s always exciting to see how it is used by diverse teams and shows the true value that the offering brings.



The event wrapped up with the demo pitches and winner announcement. 

Our first prize went to the “Apartment Finder”, who took a creative take on helping renters find apartments, similar to Hired - where applicants submit their rental application and owners will reach out to qualified renters. Our second prize winner wowed the judges with their fun twist to “Find an excuse” at situations that are not in your control. With a key phrase like “baby”, you can trigger a text message set by a timer and you can decide if you want a way out and take next steps. 


There are few other projects worth mentioning. The “Neighborhood Watch” was a community portal guiding users to know what’s happening in the neighborhood and submit home improvement projects. The “Design Approval” supported multi-level approval all within the same flow, collaborating across different stakeholders. And to think that these were built in just a few hours with Boomi Flow (ManyWho), I wonder about the endless possibilities we have across our Boomi customers and partners.



Thank you to the participants for their encouragement and valuable feedback on functionality and documentation. The teams expanded our use cases and broadened our thinking, beyond the business needs that we have encountered.


Stay tuned for more! If you are interested to participate in the next hackathon, email us at hackathon@manywho.com

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