Hello Boomi User Community, My Name is Andrew Mishalove (Your New Community Manager Here at Dell Boomi)

Blog Post created by andrew_mishalove Employee on Jan 30, 2018

Hi Boomi users and enthusiasts,


My name is Andrew Mishalove (you can call me Andrew) and I am super excited about my new role here at Dell Boomi.  I am just beginning my third week and wanted to introduce myself to all of you.  My official title is Technical Community Manager and Strategist.  My promise to you is to carry on and further develop the great work started by Adam Arrowsmith.  If I had to boil that down to a single statement, I would say it is my intention to ensure that the Boomi Community becomes the "One Stop Shop for all Things Boomi" and that it will be central to your journey as a Boomi customer.  I plan to continue with Adam's accomplishments and further develop everything you have come to love and enjoy, such as a robust Knowledge Center, Community Forums, and the Product Ideation platform.  In addition, I am working closely with Adam to bring even more to you through an enhanced user experience.  More on this as the planning stages begin to mature.


Before coming to Dell Boomi, I created a small consultancy (Digital Workplace Labs) and was focused on working with customers on social business strategy, design, and solution development aiming to optimize workplace collaboration and performance.  Prior to that, I spent 6 years conceptualizing, building, and directing two enterprise social business programs at Groupon and CallMiner.  Here I am in action passing along community tips and tricks to an audience in Berlin at the annual Enterprise Business Collaboration conference:



I have a passion for creating inspiring work cultures.  From personal experience and connection with leaders in multiple industries, I have been convinced of this vital correlation:  happy employees leads to happy customers.  Through the teachings of TEDx speaker, John Stepper, I believe in a “Working Out Loud" work style, which is making your knowledge purposefully accessible so that it may help others.  I hope to pass along my knowledge of workingoutloud so that everyone may benefit from this interactive communal work style.  I am committed to customer success and helping to empower others to create truly transformational ideas.  Here I am passing along John's teachings to the audience at Intra.NET Reloaded London:



Through my experience building online communities, I have created strong and lasting relationships that go well beyond the digital world.  As Tony Robbins once said, "The only impossible journey is the one you never begin".  I look forward to meeting each of you through the Community and help enhance your experience as a Boomi user and enthusiast.  I hope we will get a chance to meet offline at Boomi World later this year or at another Boomi event.  Please reach out to me any time with your questions, comments, suggestions, or simply to say "Hi" and introduce yourself.


I am based in Jensen Beach, Florida, former pineapple capital of the world.  When I am not online creating a better Boomi Community experience, I enjoy being outdoors taking advantage of all the great natural resources Florida has to offer.


The Office


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Last thing, please don't forget to connect with me on the Boomi Community as well as LinkedIn and Twitter.


Let's make this journey lasting and memorable!


Your friend and future "Community Oracle",


Adam Arrowsmith

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