Flow Tutorial: Just Sign Right Here!

Blog Post created by andy_tillo952264 Employee on Mar 7, 2018

Hi all,


I wanted to share a quick tip about how to spice up your Flows with a personal adding a custom component to capture a user's signature (with their finger or mouse) right within your Flow.


Check out the end result HERE!


  1. It’ll look like this in simple form on the canvas:
  2. Download the attached "signature_player.html" file. Create a new Player in your account, copy and paste the contents, and save.
  3. Download the attached "Signature Pad Flow.json" file. Import it as a new Flow in your account.


The Signature Pad is not a default component, so it needs to be added to the Page Component's metadata. The import above will do this for you of course but here's a look behind the scenes or in case you like to do things "by hand".

  1. In a Page, drag on a “Presentation” component, save it the page, then open Page's Metadata editor and change that component_type to “signature_pad”, and save again.
  2. This is key line in the player you’ll note needing to add:

  3. Bada-Boomi!, you should be able to sign inside a Flow, like this: