Add Error Handling in Flow--Courtesy of AtomSphere!

Blog Post created by andy_tillo952264 Employee on Mar 23, 2018

In the past you may have gotten a vague "Internal Server Error" in Flow when querying an AtomSphere process.  However, those days are behind you as you can use AtomSphere's ability to use try/catch mechanisms and pass the value back to Flow in one fell swoop!  To demo, we'll show you how a shortURL creation tool can determine if the URL you submitted is valid.  The Flow looks like this: 


1. Your AtomSphere process will look something like this: 


2.  The two additional fields you'll add in your AtomSphere Response Profile (in the Listen to Flow entry) looks like this: 


3.  The magic happens after a Try/Catch mechanism detects that your URL wasn't formed correct, and goes down the "Catch" path.  In the Map element, you make a Function that sends back the Error message received from the Try/Catch, as a Response back to Flow, like this: 


4.  Map that response back in Flow in your Message Shape:


5.  ...and get your error message neatly aligned on your Flow Page Shape!