Boomi’s Improvements to

Blog Post created by adam_doxtader Employee on Apr 23, 2018

Boomi understands that up-to-date information about platform availability is critical to your business.  So we are enhancing our Platform and Atom status and incident reporting tool.  We are replacing our Trust site ( with our new Status site ( to offer many new benefits, including notification options that are more robust, timely, region-specific, and granular in content. 


Our new site is now available.

To minimize disruption, our new and existing systems will run in parallel until August 8, 2018 so you can define, adjust, and optimize notification subscription options. For customers who use the Trust RSS feed (, this time will allow you to make the minor changes necessary for the new RSS feed options.  To learn more about the RSS options, please read my RSS article which includes examples. 

We have created an FAQ in our Knowledge Center to provide more information. You may wish to follow this FAQ to be notified of updates.


We look forward to bringing you enhanced Boomi Trust resources and will communicate additional information as we progress towards to launch.