Dell Boomi Spring 2018 Release Highlights

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Today, Dell Boomi is announcing the Spring 2018 release of the Boomi platform. This release showcases more than 100 new and enhanced capabilities made generally available to Boomi customers in the first half of this year, including more than 20 features that were requested by Boomi customers (Thank you!).


Spring 2018 Release: Overview

This release includes new and enhanced features to every element of the Boomi platform. Collectively, these features help further simplify Boomi’s user experience, drive developer productivity and facilitate building low code workflow applications. It also showcases Boomi’s support for IoT Integration.


Boomi for IoT

With this release, Boomi unveils the general availability of its IoT solution. This solution has been available to Boomi customers for the last year, and provides the ability to automate business processes and deliver an engaging experience via web, mobile, or any other interfacing technology to achieve tangible business outcomes using device data. 


Features include:

  • Edge device support - IoT integration patterns require seamless integration of device data, application data and people. With the patented Boomi Atom, customers can perform integrations, and host and manage web services, anywhere; on-premise, in clouds, or edge devices.
  • IoT Protocol support - Boomi provides connectivity to a vast array of cloud and on-premise applications, as well as devices and device data through support for a variety of IoT connectivity protocols, including open standards such as AMQP, MQTT and REST.
  • Workflow Automation for IoT - Organizations can use Boomi Flow to create business processes that respond to certain alerts or triggers as appropriate and allow for human intervention or decisions.
  • Boomi Environment Management  IoT deployments may encompass multiple edge gateways performing common application integration functions to support a multitude of devices across a large landscape. With Boomi Environment Management, users can centrally manage application integration processes, and automatically synchronize changes across all Boomi Atoms, and associated gateways that belong to an environment.


 Integration Accelerators

Since its inception, Boomi has focused on providing ease of use and tools for accelerating building and managing integration projects. This release includes UI enhancements, simplified reporting to empower data governance specialists, new and improved connectors and connector SDK, as well as the ability for Boomi users to showcase their work and contribute to Process Libraries.

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Developer Productivity

To drive greater developer productivity, Boomi has introduced new features to automate and streamline support for enterprise-scale use cases, thereby reducing the complexity associated with IT operations. Highlights include Packaged Deployment to simplify management of user developed integration artifacts, new authentication capabilities for API management, support for importing Swagger definition or WSDL from publicly facing URL as well as enhanced support for SharePoint in Boomi Flow.

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To learn more about the Partner Developed connectors, please visit the Boomi Blog.

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