Share your Boomi expertise and leverage the power of entire Boomi community using Community Share

Blog Post created by manoj_gujarathi521925 Employee on May 15, 2018

A year and a half ago, by popular request, we launched our Process Library built into the Boomi platform to provide examples, templates and ‘how-tos’ to help you create your integration solutions faster. This was in response to your ask “just show me an example!”


The Process Library proved valuable to you all, and since then we have been thinking about how to help our ecosystem of customers, OEM, channel partners and system integrators showcase the templates and examples you have built.

Today we are excited to announce the ability for you -- members of the Boomi Community -- to publish and share your examples and templates across the Boomi network.


If you are a Boomi expert, an OEM partner or an Systems Integrator partner, and you are looking to share your Boomi asset to create more visibility for the work you have done, you have come to the right place...Community Share.


The Community Share allows you to:

  • Share how-to examples and templates
  • Give the community visibility to your expertise
  • Provide access to complex processes partners may have built
  • Search across all assets, whether provided by Dell Boomi, a partner, or other Boomi experts


The Community Share Mission

These improvements are part of our broader vision to make Boomi how-tos and examples more complete, and have those available to share within the community.


1. Power of Boomi Ecosystem

Recognizing the amazing champions and expertise within the larger Boomi ecosystem, we want to provide a place for you to showcase and share your diverse expertise within the Boomi Community.


2. Catered to You

It’s directly providing the insight to your customer or stakeholder when you are adding
to what Boomi provides. You can now feature your work directly inside the Boomi platform. You can also leverage additional examples contributed by the community and increase time to value for implementing your ideas.


3. Simplicity

In few clicks, you can easily provide access to your work, or find answers, templates and samples from experts. We are one community and Community Share provides a common platform for sharing integration assets.


We believe unlocking the community fuels more innovation and drives ideas on what is possible with the power of you!


Visit Community Share to see what’s available and instructions for how to share your examples.