Boomi Community Champion Spotlight: Leif Jacobsen

Blog Post created by andrew_mishalove Employee on Jul 31, 2018

In our next Community Champion spotlight, we talk with Leif Jacobsen.  Contributors like Leif make the Boomi Community a vital resource for our customers to get the most from our low-code, cloud-native platform.


As one person doing all the integration for one of Denmark’s largest companies, how do you manage all your integration projects?


Leif:  Well, when you have Boomi and its potential to speed development, you can develop new integrations very quickly. Then you don’t need anyone else.


With SAP, every time someone asked for an integration, the assumption was that it would take two or three weeks, or a month. But I can do it in two or three days with Boomi. Sometimes, in two or three hours. People are constantly impressed.


Read the full interview here:  An Integration Team of One: Q&A with Community Champion, Leif Jacobsen.


Look for more interviews with Community Champions coming soon!