March 2016 Release: Atom Management Redesigned

Blog Post created by chris_stevens Employee on Mar 1, 2016

Within the 2016 March Release, Atom Management was redesigned to provide a better, easier user experience. Below you'll find some of the highlights regarding this, which will help guide you to this updated feature.


How to Use

The new Atom Management screen can be located in the current location of Atom Management, which is under Manage > Atom Management. When visiting the Atom Management screen, you're presented with an Environment Overview, which provides quick information on any Environment Issues, Classification, IDs, Number of Atoms attached, as well as some environment specific information (based on Environment configuration):

Choosing an atom on the left will change the screen to display different pages which provide the same information as on the Legacy Atom Management screen:

Important things to note:

  • Deployed Processes which used to appear on the right, are now located under the Deployed Processes section, located under "Runtime:".
  • Listeners which used to be available under the Listeners Tab on the right, now appear under the Listeners section, located under "Runtime:".
  • Certificates is a new feature. This allows you to view all installed certificates available within the Java Certificate Store for a particular atom.


Possible Questions


I'm not used to the new Atom Management yet. Can I use the old one?

Yes, to help users ease into the transition of the new Atom Management screen, we have retained the old Atom Management page, which can be found under Manage > Legacy Atom Management.

Please note: this is only made available during the transition of this redesigned feature and may not be available for long.


How can I tell if my Atom/Cloud/Molecule is online or offline?

We have removed the Red/Green statuses, and have replaced them with Blue and Gray. Below is a chart of how you can identify the status of the machine by icon.



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