April 2016 Release: Highlights

Blog Post created by chris_stevens Employee on Apr 6, 2016

While there are many new features and fixes within the 2016 April release, let's go over a few of the features that will affect day to day users. For a complete list of items included in the April release, please review the official Release Notes for 2016.04.06.



Process Shape Configuration Dialog

Process shape configuration dialogs have been redesigned and now open in a sliding panel from the right of the screen (BOOMI-1906). This can be done with a single click on the shape (BOOMI-1903). The "Configure" hover-over menu option will be removed in a future release.



Web Service Component is Now 'API'

If you were previously using the Web Service Component, it has been renamed to API Component (BOOMI-2102). Also, the Welcome screen now shows a section for recently accessed APIs (BOOMI-2103):



Certificate Improvements


User Certificates

Within Atom Management we've introduced a new tab under Certificates called User Certificates (BOOMI-332/PLAT-14128). This allows you to see the certificates available on the Atom (either deployed directly or as part of a process deployment) in addition to the root certificates included in the Java runtime keystore.



Certificate Expiration

When a certificate (User Certificates or Certificate Authority) will expire in the next 30 days, you will receive a system notification in your AtomSphere account (BOOMI-203/PLAT-13255) & (BOOMI-208/PLAT-14077). There is not an option to receive an email notification at this time.



Molecule & Atom Cloud Certificate Authority

Prior to the April release, you were unable to view the certificate authority for Molecules and Clouds (BOOMI-1953). Now you can.



You can now also Search your certificates (BOOMI-251/PLAT-14183).



Rolling Restart of Molecules and Atom Clouds

When you restart a Molecule or Atom Cloud cluster, it is performed as a rolling restart to ensure at least one node is always available to continue to receive and process real time executions (BOOMI-2156). There are new properties added to specify the amount of time a node will wait:

  • Rolling Restart Force Timeout
  • Rolling Restart Next in Line Timeout

Please view the reference guide article Starting and Stopping an Atom, Molecule or Cloud for more information on setting these properties.


A rolling restart is NOT performed for restarts related to upgrades. Your Molecule or Atom Cloud will still experience a short period of downtime when applying the new release update.


New Connectors

The April release delivers three new connectors to expand connectivity to cloud platforms and Internet of Things: