May 2016 Release: Highlights

Blog Post created by chris_stevens Employee on May 4, 2016

Here are some of the highlights of the May 2016 release. For the complete list, check out Release notes for 2016.05.04.




Java 6 No Longer Supported

One of the major highlights of the May release is that on May 4th,  Atoms and integration processes will no longer run on Java 6. This means if you have an atom/molecule/cloud running on Java 6 after this date, processes will not be executed and you will not be able to do anything against this environment. To resolve this issue, please upgrade your Java 6 environment to Java 8 (for complete details see Java 6 Sunset and Upgrade Home). If you have issues performing the upgrade or have further questions regarding this, please open a support case.


Java 8 Version Supported Updated

Also any atom that upgrades to Java 8 or new atom/molecule/cloud will be installed with Java 8u66 by default. This is the current version in which we have performed regression testing against and the latest version we will support. While versions past 8u66 may be supported, we do not recommend running these versions as they have not been fully tested against.


Usability Enhancements


Dismissing Shape Panel

You can now click outside the panel to get back to your process, rather than clicking OK or Cancel. You may be presented with notification asking if you want to discard your changes, if changes have been made. The same notification will be displayed if you press Esc on your keyboard to close the tab.




Component Headers

Component headers have been redesigned to allow more real  estate for process canvas and component configuration while providing access to the same information as before.







Blank Map Component UI

While the functionality of the Map component remains unchanged, the UI portion of the map component now offers a bit more help for beginners to Dell Boomi. Also removed are the profile edit buttons for Source and Destination columns, which are now replaced by simply clicking the profile name.



Map Profile – Expand All Option

If you have complex profiles where there are a lot of nested elements, there is now an option to “Expand All” to expand all the elements below that point in the profile. This feature exists on both the source and destination sides of the map component.



Atom Management - Shared Web Server Redesign

The Shared Web Server configuration now blends seamlessly with the Atom Management redesign that began with the March release. No longer do you need to click the tab, then the link to open Shared Web Server; it's now all visible from the tab! The new General tab consolidates the options from the previous Basic, Authentication, and Advanced tabs into a single cohesive view to simplify configuration. The screenshot below shows the new layout and identifies where the options previously resided.


Flat File Profile Enhancements for Delimited Formats

We've upgraded the flat file profile parser to be able to accommodate text qualified values that contained line breaks and double quote-escaped characters. All new flat file profiles created will automatically use the new upgraded parser however existing profiles will need to be explicitly upgraded (simply open the profile and click upgrade). There are slight behavioral changes so you will want to carefully regression test after upgrading. If for some reason you need to "undo" the upgrade, simply rollback the flat file component's revision history.


For more information please see:


QuickBooks 2016 Support

While you'll still need to run QuickBooks on a 32-bit atom, QuickBooks 2016 is now officially supported.


Other Notable Fixes

  • Previously, if a head node went offline and a different node took over as head node, it would appear that there are duplicate head nodes (one online and one offline). We've changed this behavior in this release, by removing the "head node" identifier from offline nodes. Nodes that are offline will no longer be able to appear as a head node within Atom Management.
  • Salesforce is going to deprecate TLS 1.0 in the near future. To stay ahead of this, we've made changes to our Dell Boomi Atom Cloud to allow the Salesforce connector to import using TLS 1.2. For more information regarding Salesforce's change and when it's going to take place, please view the Salesforce documentation here: Salesforce disabling TLS 1.0
  • The platform is getting fun scheduled (and unscheduled) maintenance pages. Kudos UX team!


MDM Stewardship Improvements

Quality of life continues to improve for MDM data stewards:

  • You can now search golden records by ANY field, not just fields used for matching. Collection-type fields are still not supported.
  • Search is further improved with data-type specific operators and filtering by multiple record fields.
  • Golden record search results can be exported to CSV for further analysis outside of MDM


More MDM goodness...


Coming Soon...Process Route Shape and Component

The new Process Route shape and component are available as "Tech Preview" and can be enabled within your account upon request for evaluation purposes. The features are not intended for production use until General Availability, targeted within the next few releases. To enable for your account please contact your Dell Boomi account representative.


This new capability enables a number of exciting possibilities for process design and simplified maintenance. Look for more articles and how-to's when it's released. Learn more: Process Route components