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June 2016 Release: Highlights

Blog Post created by Adam Arrowsmith Employee on Jun 8, 2016

Here are some of the highlights of the June 2016 release. For the complete list, check out Release Notes for 2016.06.08.






All New Shapes Palette for Process Canvas

The Shapes Palette has been completely redesigned and moved to the right side of the canvas. These changes bring many usability improvements including more canvas real estate, ability to search across all shape types, and better visibility into the full connector catalog (also check out what happens when you drag a specific connector onto the canvas). See the following video for an example:



Within the Map Component, you can now search the source and destination profile fields, as well as use a filter to show only mapped fields. See the following video for an example:



JSON Formatting in Document Viewer

When viewing data through the Document Viewer, documents can be displayed in JSON formatting:


2016-06-06 09_18_44-JSONFormat.png



June introduces three brand new connectors:

  • Amazon S3 - Read and write content stored in Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3).
  • UltiPro - Integrate with UltiPro Human Capital Management application. Note this initial version of the connector is read-only--it supports Get and Query but not Create, Update, Delete, etc.
  • Marketo REST - Connect to Marketo using its newer REST API.


As well as enhancements to the JMS connector to support additional Oracle AQ datatypes VARRAY, RAW, and CLOB.


Rolling Restart of Molecules and Clouds Part 2: Upgrade Releases

Continuing the work started in April to improve resiliency and minimize downtime, molecule and private cloud clusters now support rolling restarts of nodes during upgrade releases as well. This eliminates scheduled downtime even for the monthly Dell Boomi platform updates.


See Rolling restart of Molecules and Atom Clouds for important details including special runtime properties to set.


Some releases may still require a full restart involving limited downtime for your clusters. Dell Boomi will provide advance notice of such releases.


Process Route Improvements, Tutorials

The Process Route functionality introduced last month gets some refinements as well as support for Test Mode executions. The functionality is still available as a "Tech Preview" and is not intended for production use. If you would like to have this feature enabled in your account, contact your Dell Boomi representative.


Looking to learn more about what this feature is all about and how to use it? Check out:


Wider Cross Reference Tables

Cross Reference Tables are now 333.33% bigger , expanding to 20 columns. This allows you to configure more attributes for lookups.


Master Data Management

Expanded data management capabilities for data stewards including:

  • Selective Merging of duplicate records - When resolving quarantined duplicate records, you can selectively choose individual field values from the incoming record before discarding it to merge into the Golden Record. Note that Reference fields are not supported and Collection fields are merged as the entire set of values.
  • Golden Record reference field editing - You can now manually edit/correct Reference fields values on Golden Records.
  • More control over channel update management - You can manually resend previously-acknowledged messages as well as delete unsent pending messages from outbound  channels. This is helpful to correct production data issues as well as facilitate testing and troubleshooting during development.


See Release notes for 2016.06.08 for complete MDM details.


Restructured Reference Guide

Topics in the AtomSphere Reference Guide have been restructured and reorganized to provide quicker and more efficient means for finding the information you need. Building a process? Simply click the topic "Process building" and you'll discover the needed topics underneath, such as "Process Shapes", "Document Properties", etc.


Other Changes

  • Boomi Resolve solutions now include community articles, bringing community content right into AtomSphere where you work.