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August 2016 Release: Highlights

Blog Post created by Adam Arrowsmith Employee on Aug 3, 2016

Here are some of the highlights of the August 2016 release. For the complete list, see:




AtomSphere Platform


Test Mode Execution History

Test Mode execution summary information is now captured and available within Process Reporting for historical viewing, visibility into processing load on a given atom, and to allow administrators to remotely terminate wayward test executions. It is NOT intended to provide all the details normally available within the Test Mode results screen or even a regular execution including process log and document data.


A few notes:

  • All Test Mode executions are captured but are filtered by default in Process Reporting. You must explicitly include them in the Execution Mode filter to display.
  • Test Mode executions are also available via the API ExecutionRecord but again must be explicitly included in the executionType filter.
  • Test Mode history follows the same retention period as regular executions.
  • Again the information is intended to be summary-level only. This means the following are NOT available: graphical representation of document flow, document logs per shape, document data per shape, process log, process state, drill-down to document/connector level, connector tracked fields, visibility into subprocess executions, and no rerun documents.


See it in action:


And in other Test Mode news, the first time you execute a process with a large number of components on a given atom, a warning message is displayed as a reminder that the atom needs to download all those components so it might take a little while longer than usual.


2016-07-07 10_39_37-[BOOMI-3976] Display message that test mode might take a long time for a large n.png





Process Options dialog suppression - The Process Options dialog no longer pops up immediately when creating a new process to avoid confusing new users and annoying experienced ones. Additionally a warning is displayed on the canvas if the default process options should be changed based on Start shape configuration.



Force Restart After X Minutes visibility - This important setting has a more prominent placement on the atom properties screen. Again this setting controls how long your atom or cloud will wait for current process executions to complete before aborting them when a restart is requested. If you've ever had an atom "hang" during a monthly update and no new processes start, there's a good chance it's because this option was not set.




Trading Partner Component "Where Used" tab - The Trading Partner component now has a Where Used tab to conveniently see all the processes referencing it.


2016-07-07 10_34_03-Documentation - Build - Boomi AtomSphere.png


Set Document Property UI changes - Minor layout changes, only for "Properties to Set" section.




Atom Time Zone - The time zone of the Atom server is displayed in Startup Properties for convenience. Look for the Atom time zone to appear in other places in future releases.




Performance Improvements

  • Use Atom Workers for AS2 messages - AS2 listeners can now run documents in Atom Workers, which allows for more efficient processing and throttling of messages in cloud runtime environments including the hosted Dell Boomi Atom Cloud.
  • Faster folder copy - Copying folders in Build tab is much faster, especially folders with 100's or 1000's of components.
  • Compress AS2 logs - Historical AS2 communication logs are now compressed (similar to process execution logs) to reduce disk storage.





Connector SDK - Custom Document/Tracked Properties

Connector SDK developers can now define custom document and tracked properties in their connectors. This means process developers can get/set properties for custom connectors from a select-able list ed properties in a Set Properties shapes for example. These properties are also tracked and displayed as document-level metadata in Process Reporting.



New Connectors


Connector Enhancements

  • HTTP Client - Support for Password Digest authentication.
  • Database - Added supported for a newer Microsoft JDBC driver (v.4.2) for use with Microsoft SQL Server. Previously the included option used an older jTDS driver. The newer JDBC driver is recommended.
  • JMS - Added XMLTYPE support for Oracle AQ only
  • MS Dynamics CRM - Added support for version 2016 (MS CRM ONLINE only)
  • Amazon S3 - New inbound and outbound tracked properties for File Key, Bucket, Folder, File Name, and Content Type.


Master Data Management


Source Rankings by field

You can now rank contributing source applications by field. This is a significant advancement in the sophistication of data governance rules.


Source ranking means you can configure MDM to automatically reject changes to certain fields if a higher-ranked application has already provided a value for that field. For example, you can configure it such that your CRM application can update the billing address fields but once the accounting system has updated those fields, the CRM can no longer change them.



Additional MDM Enhancements

  • Additional batch metadata available in Data Quality Process Calls - If you have data quality steps that invoke an AtomSphere process for advanced lookups and validation logic, you now have access to additional MDM metadata about the records passed to the process including Source ID, Account ID, Repository ID, and Universe ID. These values are available as dynamic process properties and can be used in conditional logic such as performing conditional validations based on which source application submitted the record.
  • Timezone filters for data and quarantine lists - Allows data stewards around the world to share deep links (e.g. email notifications) and view consistent results regardless of their personal locale preferences.
  • More room for viewing data - Filters and menus have been relocated to provide maximum real estate for viewing golden records and quarantined items.