September 2016 Release: Highlights

Blog Post created by chris_stevens Employee on Sep 7, 2016

Here are some of the highlights of the September 2016 release. For the complete list, see:




AtomSphere Platform




Re-Redesigned Shapes Palette

The Shapes Palette has been redesigned, based in large part upon feedback from AtomSphere users like you. It is now on the left side, and provides similar behavior without the intrusive positioning it previously had. The palette displays fully expanded when creating new processes but displays collapsed by default when opening existing processes.



Create Component Button

The "Create Component" button has now been replaced with a smaller button, simply named "New". The create component dialog now consistently drops from the top of the screen or in some cases simply takes you directly into the new component.



Full Screen View

Full screen viewing and editing of your process is now possible! Simply click the expand icon in the top right, and the header and footers will be removed, and minimized styling will occur which will allow maximum process real-estate!



Atom Time Zone Visibility

The Atom's local timezone (captured last release in the Atom's Startup Properties) is now displayed for convenience in Deployed Processes Scheduling dialog and Process Reporting (footer).



Atom Management


View Installed Libraries (JARs)

Within the Atom Management screen you can now easily view the library files currently installed on the given runtime. This includes both the standard /lib directory JARs as well as custom /userlib directory JARs for connector drivers, custom scripting, etc. It also identifies libraries that may have compatibility conflicts, are deprecated, or are unknown and displays a warning/error as necessary.


Atom Status Indicator

The Atom status indicator (typically online or offline) gets a new "pending" status to indicate it is in a pausing/stopping/restarting state and that processes temporarily may not be executing processes as normal. This is expected behavior during controlled restarts such as platform updates and provides a visual cue that the Atom is in a special state..


Keep in mind that a runtime could be in a pending/pausing state for a long time if a lengthy execution is running and the Force Restart After X Minutes property has not been set.


Platform API and Integration Packs

There are several API and integration pack related enhancements and features including:

  • Cross Reference Table component names are included in the AtomExtensions and EnvironmentExtensions objects to facilitate developers creating their own integration pack configuration UI.
  • Support for web services listeners in multi-install integration packs by allowing you to declare the web services operation Object as extensible. This allows you to specify a different object name per integration pack instance.


Community Login and SSO Enhancements

Logging in from the community now redirects back to the community page you were on/going to.




Amazon SNS

The Amazon SNS connector makes it easy to work with the Amazon Simple Notification Service by simplifying the interaction and adding convenience. More information can be found here.


Connector Enhancements



  • Support for version 2016.1

HTTP Client

  • Enhanced OAuth 2.0 support for Client Credentials and Resource Owner Password Credentials authentication flows

Hobsons Radius

  • Renamed from Intelliworks Connector
  • New API Endpoint

Taleo REST

  • Changed operator "Equal To" to "Like" (behaved as a LIKE in the background)


Master Data Management


Source Value Agreements (Tech Preview)

Data stewards can drill down into golden record values to see whether all sources "agree" on the value for a given field. This allows you to confirm source rankings are working as expected and have visibility into consistency of data across sources.


 Source rankings is a Tech Preview not intended for production use. Source rankings is an optional account feature. If you would like to have this feature enabled in your account, contact your Dell Boomi representative.