Adam Arrowsmith

November 2016 Release Deep Dive: Process Library Examples

Blog Post created by Adam Arrowsmith Employee on Nov 2, 2016



"Can I just see an example?" is one of the most frequent requests we receive. Sometimes poking around a pre-configured example can be the most effective way to understand a concept or use as a starting point.


With the November release we are "soft-launching" a public process library available to everyone with an initial set of process examples for some of the most common connectors and use cases. Learning by example can be helpful to new and experienced AtomSphere users alike.


Look for more enhancements and communication about the process library in the coming months. In the meantime check out the FAQs below and explore the library!





What is the process library?

We (Boomi) will publish sample processes to a public process library available to all AtomSphere accounts. Users can search for and copy processes into their account in a self-service fashion. The copied processes are yours to explore and modify as desired and will not be affected/updated if a newer version of that example is published.


How do I access the library?

  1. From within AtomSphere, go to the Build tab and click Browse Process Library.
  2. Browse or search for processes.
  3. Click View to see more details about the process.
  4. When ready, click Install to copy the process and its components into a folder in your account.

Keep in mind the copy will include all dependent components referenced by the process. As a best practice, copy library processes into a separate "sandbox" folder in your account.

Users with Build tab Write Access privileges can copy library processes into their accounts.

What types of processes are in the library?

The processes in the library will span from basic to advanced, end-to-end integrations to isolated recipes.

Expect to find:

  • How to use a given connector (e.g. "half a process")
  • Tips for using a given AtomSphere feature/process shape
  • Example end-to-end integrations between endpoints
  • Generic "recipes" for handling specific situations
  • Abstract patterns for common integration scenarios
  • Helpful utility processes and components
  • "Bundles" containing multiple related processes


For a complete list of processes, check out the library!


Are these processes production-ready solutions?

No. The processes are representative examples for instructional and reference purposes and are not intended to be production-ready, plug-and-play solutions. Many processes are incomplete examples to demonstrate specific recipes, features, and abstract patterns. But even for the end-to-end examples, there would always need to be additional configuration required to work with your specific endpoints and requirements. This may include configuring connection or replacing with your own existing connections, re-importing operations and profiles, mapping fields, hooking up to your other endpoints, etc.


How often are new processes published?

Processes will be published in an ongoing manner, independent of the monthly platform release schedule.


Can I publish my processes to the public library?

No. At this time, Boomi is the sole publisher to the public process library.


I'm a partner already using process libraries, how does Boomi's library affect me?

Your existing library processes will be unaffected. They will remain restricted to your subaccounts and not shared publicly with all accounts. Your subaccounts will see the Boomi-published processes along with your processes, identified with the publisher's name. In the near future, search filters will be added to view results by publisher.