Adam Arrowsmith

November 2016 Release: Highlights

Blog Post created by Adam Arrowsmith Employee on Nov 2, 2016

Here are some of the highlights of the November 2016 release. For the complete list, see:


Remember there's no release in December so rest up and get ready for extra awesomeness after the new year!






Process Library Redesign

For partners and other parent accounts that share process templates with their subaccounts, the UX has been improved on the "consumer" side around searching for and viewing details. Look for more improvements in the coming releases.



However everyone might care about these improvements because...


Public Process Library Examples

"Can I just see an example?" is one of the most frequent requests we receive. With the November release we are soft-launching a public process library available to everyone with example and template processes.


With the process library, we (Boomi) will publish sample processes that you can search for and copy into your account to explore, learn, modify, and use as reference in your integrations.


Please read  November 2016 Release Deep Dive: Process Library Examples for more information.


New Atom Chooser

The Atom Chooser picklist in Test Mode has been enhanced to allow searching as well display additional information including runtime type (Atom/Molecule vs. Cloud), status, Environment, and Classification.


This has only been updated for Test Mode right now but look for the new chooser to make its way into other places where you need to select a runtime in the not too distant future.



Detailed Cluster Status

For those of you using Molecules and custom Atom Clouds, the Cluster Status in Atom Management has been improved to provide more insight as to why a cluster is having problems.





Database Statement Display Name

You can now optionally provide a display name or alias for the individual Statements within a Database profile. This is really nice for Write-profiles containing multiple statements (e.g. inserting into a header and detail table at the same time). Now you can rename each statement for clarity when mapping or selecting profile elements.




Trading Partners: AS2 Defaults for VAN Scenarios

For B2B scenarios that involve using a single VAN (value added network) for AS2 communication, you can now configure trading partner components to leverage the same "default" AS2 settings defined in your "My Company" trading partner component. Previously this option was only available for Disk, FTP, and SFTP communication types.


Misc Connector Enhancements


Master Data Management


Historical Reporting

A new historical reporting tool lets you visualize various MDM statistics over time for trending and analysis:



Query Transaction API

A new Query Transactions API is available to extract events and activities such as data stewardship actions and incoming data enrichment. This information can be downloaded per source into an analytics platform for trending and analysis.


Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Process Route - Continued refinements around route name uniqueness and validation. Process Route should be ready for GA soon and will be available to any accounts with Advanced Workflow (i.e. Professional and above). Read more about how Process Route can change the way you design and deploy integrations here and here.
  • JMS Connector - Improve the closing of open sessions in the event of errors. Customer Idea!
  • Amazon S3 - Fixed issue with paging through long lists of delete requests and added more granular document-level tracking of errors for GET actions.