Adam Arrowsmith

January 2017 Release: Highlights

Blog Post created by Adam Arrowsmith Employee on Jan 11, 2017

Back in action after the holidays with a brand new release! Here are some of the highlights from the January 2017 release. For the complete list, see:



AtomSphere Platform


Process Route is now Generally Available

Process Route is finally GA for all editions Professional and higher. As a refresher, the Process Route shape and component provide a way to dynamically choose which subprocess to execute based on a document value at runtime AND provide deployment independence between the main process, subprocess, and routing rules themselves.


If you haven't explored this feature yet, definitely take a good look at it because it can dramatically change the way you think about and design processes. Read this overview then go through this tutorial.


And for those of you anxiously awaiting this feature, here are a few of the incremental improvements since originally released as Tech Preview last June:

  • Return Path execution sequence control
  • Support for Test Mode
  • Enforce unique Keys and Return Paths
  • Improved runtime error messages if Process Route or subprocess are not deployed
  • Optional labels for route Keys
  • Ability to deploy Process Route component via the API


User Experience

This video showcases two areas of UI improvement:

  • Database import wizard - Updated Atom Chooser, multi-select tables and columns, retain context for tables, select condition fields for dynamic update profiles
  • Process Library - Filter by publisher, ability to create new destination folder upon install



Deploy Component API

In addition to processes you can now deploy other component types such as Process Routes, Certificates, and APIs programmatically via the AtomSphere platform API. This allows you to automate more deployments as part of your DevOps/development life cycle workflow.


The Deployment API has been "genericized" and there are two new APIs, ComponentEnvironmentAttachment and ComponentAtomAttachment. Check out Automating Deployments with the AtomSphere API (updated) to see these APIs in action.


Process Library Features

For consumers/end users:

  • Filter by Publisher to find processes published by Dell Boomi vs. another parent account publisher (typically a partner)
  • Create new destination folder "on the fly"


For publishers:

  • Publisher tab - In Setup, there's a new "Publisher" tab to separate publisher information from the Connector SDK Developer tab. This allows you to configure your publisher info if you are only sharing processes or integration packs but not developing custom connectors. Note: Publisher information is required to be able to publish processes. You will be prompted to complete the form if you haven't already.


Dell Boomi Process Library

New processes published in the Process Library:

  • Recipe: Zip and Unzip Files (article)
  • AtomSphere Partner API: Provision Account and Integration Pack (article)







  • JMS Connection Pooling (Customer idea!) - Connection pooling has been added to improve performance by reusing connections.
  • Low Latency mode for Atom Queue listeners (Customer idea!) - Now Atom Queue listener processes can execute super-fast in Atom Cloud runtimes.
  • Disk Exact Match Type - It's not every day the trusty Disk connector gets an update! There's a new filter match type to read a file based on exact file name match instead of wildcard. If you know the exact file, this is much faster when looking for a specific file in a directory with many files.
  • Amazon S3 now supports multipart uploads.
  • Database Import wizard - Several UX improvements including table and column selection and Condition selection for Dynamic Update profiles. See UX video above. (Customer idea!)


Connector SDK - Custom Operation Actions

When developing connectors, you can now define a custom label to best describe the actions supported by your connector. No longer are you bound to GET, QUERY, CREATE, UPDATE, UPSERT, DELETE, and EXECUTE. Provide whatever label is most applicable or consistent with the given application or API: Attach, Read, Ship, name it, literally. Configure the @customTypeID and @customTypeLabel attributes in the connector descriptor file.


Navigate to Setup > Developer to download the latest SDK version (v1.2.14).


Master Data Management


Source Ranking is now Generally Available

Source Ranking is now GA for all MDM customers. This feature, originally introduced as Tech Preview last August provides MDM administrators the ability to govern which sources are/are not allowed to overwrite other sources, by ranking them by order of trust. Read more about Source attachment and configuration.