Expand your Boomi MDM knowledge with integration examples

Blog Post created by GeoffBockelmann5981 Employee on Feb 8, 2017

Because Boomi MDM is offered on the same cloud platform as the AtomSphere integration solution, I am often asked about the flexibility of MDM's APIs for integration use cases:


  • What are the best practices for pushing and pulling data to/from an MDM repository and domain?
  • How can I notify my systems or data stewards when update requests fail to meet master data compliance?
  • How can I test to see if a golden record exists before officially sending it to MDM?
  • Do you have an example of that???


That's why I'm excited to announce the new AtomSphere Process Development for MDM - Getting Started Guide!


We created this guide to showcase how to use AtomSphere to synchronize and manage your master data stored in Boomi MDM for a wide variety of operational and analytical use cases. You can use this guide as a reference along with our MDM User Guide's API documentation.


The APIs outlined in this step-by-step guide are paired with a comprehensive series of process examples available via the Boomi Process Library. Follow the instructions to enable an MDM scenario in your account, install the example processes, tune them to your MDM repository, and go crazy with testing.


This guide will be a living, breathing document that will evolve as we continue to introduce new APIs for your integration and automation use cases. I look forward to your feedback as we continue to offer new examples.