March 2017 Release Deep Dive: Microsoft Azure Service Bus Connector

Blog Post created by vreddy Employee on Mar 8, 2017

We're excited to announce the availability of the Connector in the March 2017 release. Let's take a closer look at this connector and how to configure it within your integration processes.


For complete connector documentation, see Azure Service Bus in the AtomSphere User Guide.




Before we jump right in, here's a little context: Azure Service Bus is a popular cloud-based message queuing service provided by the Microsoft Azure platform. The Azure Service Bus connector now allows you to easily incorporate the Azure queue service into your integration and data flow orchestrations. This connector complements the Azure Blob Storage connector to provide additional connectivity to the Azure platform using AtomSphere.


A typical queue connector provides the capability to send, receive/get and listen for messages on a queue or a topic. In this release, the Azure Service Bus connector provides support for the Send and Receive actions. Listen support to receive and execute messages in real time will be added in a future release.


How to Use

In this article we will review how to send and delete a message from a Service Bus Queue. You can follow the same pattern to send messages to a Topic and delete messages from a Topics Subscription.


 Get the example processes used below from the Process Library here.


Create the Service Bus Queue

Create a queue in Azure. You can edit the default values if needed.



Configure the Connection Component

Set up the Azure Service Bus connection in AtomSphere by entering your Azure Namespace Name, SAS Key Name and SAS key.



Create a new Send Azure Service Bus operation in AtomSphere. You can do this by creating a new operation and clicking Import in the operation.


Set up your process to send a test message using a Message shape to hard code a dummy document payload.




Run the process to send this message to the queue.


Receive a Message from the Queue

Create a new Receive Azure Service Bus operation in AtomSphere. You can do this by creating a new operation and clicking Import in the operation.



Also note the Delete Messages setting. If checked, messages are removed from the queue immediately upon reading into the AtomSphere process. This means if those messages later fail during the execution, they can only be retried from the AtomSphere execution itself; there are no longer available to be received from the Azure Service Bus queue again. Alternatively if you leave this setting unchecked, you should take care to go back and delete the messages as part of your process orchestration (see next section).


Delete a Message from the Queue

Similarly you set up the Delete Azure Service Bus operation in AtomSphere. As mentioned above, this action should be used if you decide to not delete messages immediately upon receiving, but rather explicitly delete them from the queue as part of your process orchestration upon successfully delivering to the destination system.



To delete a specific message, configure a Parameter on the Azure Service Bus Send connector shape and set the delete request profile element "id" to Document Property > Connectors > Azure Service Bus > Delete Token. This property is value is set automatically by the original Azure Service Bus Receive operation.







Where can I find additional information about Azure Service Bus?

Check out this Microsoft article for additional information about Azure Service Bus.