Adam Arrowsmith

July 2017 Release: Highlights

Blog Post created by Adam Arrowsmith Employee on Jul 13, 2017

Here are some of the highlights from the July 2017 release. For the full Release Notes, see:



Video Tour

Take a quick tour of some of the new features and capabilities including:

  • Pausing/resuming listener processes
  • JSON profile Boolean support
  • RosettaNet 2.0 (beta)



AtomSphere Integration


Atom Management

Improved listener management capabilities with the ability to pause and resume all listeners including web services, Atom Queues, JMS, and AS2. (Customer idea!)


Pausing and resuming is currently available through the Atom Management UI, with support through the platform API coming in a near term release.


Pausing listeners is useful in several key scenarios:

  • A destination application is unavailable (most often planned maintenance window but also unexpected downtime) and you don't want to attempt to send messages that will fail.
  • Deploying a new version of a listener process and you want to ensure clients do not invoke the process during your maintenance window.
  • Troubleshooting an issue with a listener process and you want to prevent clients from sending additional messages and creating more problems.


JSON Profile Boolean Support

Support for native Boolean data types has been added to JSON profiles. When mapping to a Boolean-type JSON element, true/false values are mapped case-insensitive. For example:

  • "true", "True", "TRUE" are all output as true.
  • Similarly "false", "False", and "FALSE" are all output as false.
  • Integer values of 0 or 1 are not automatically translated and should be transformed explicitly using a cross reference or simple lookup map function.


"mybool" : true


Master Data Management


Query Golden Records

You can now extract all of a repository's golden records directly through the API. This allows you to perform a full extract for reporting or initial load scenarios without having to create a temporary Source endpoint. Support for filtering is planned for a future release. (Customer idea!)