November 2017 Release: Highlights

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Here are some of the highlights from the November 2017 release. For the full Release Notes, see:



Video Tour

Take a quick tour of some of the new features in the release including:

  • Salesforce Platform Events Connector
  • Authentication Broker Fault Tolerance
  • Tradacoms EDI Support
  • X12 5010 HIPAA Templates
  • MDM Model Deployment Enhancements
  • MDM Historical Reporting
  • Deploy Listener Processes in Paused State





Authentication Broker High Availability


Boomi API Management leverages External Authentication to support the use of third party Identity Providers to authenticate Boomi-published APIs. Boomi makes use of an Authentication Broker to facilitate this capability. The Authentication Broker installation has been updated to enable a multi-node configuration--similar in concept to the Molecule runtime--to allow for high availability of the authentication broker service..  


Exchange / B2B


Tradacoms Is Generally Available



Tradacoms is a B2B standard used in the UK Book and Retail sectors and was released in Beta with limitations in September. Features were completed in October, but Tradacoms was not documented and behind the Beta EDI Feature flag. This release makes Tradacoms Generally Available.


In addition to previous releases we have added:

  • Tradacoms documentation
  • Tradacoms is no longer behind the Beta Feature Flag
  • Bug fixes
  • Tradacoms API for Create, Query, Update, and Delete


Rosettanet, Tradacoms, and Custom Examples in Process Library

Shortly after the release, RosettaNet, Tradacoms, and Custom inbound and outbound examples will be available in the Process Library. These processes will make use of HTTP for communications.



HIPAA Templates are now available for version 5010

  • A new “version” is available in the UI - 5010 HIPAA
  • Includes new document types for 270, 271, 276, 277, 278, 820, 834, 837, 997, 999



Hub / MDM


Model Deployment Enhancements


As an MDM administrator or data modeler, you can deploy models and newer or older model versions and monitor the status of deployment operations directly in the Models page without having to navigate to the Repositories screen.


Match API

The Match Entity repository API, which was used to test the application of match rules, accepted only single-entity batches. With this release that API is deprecated in favor of the Match Entities repository API, which accepts batches containing multiple entities in a single request, enabling more efficient testing.


This streamlines the integration and improves performance because you can now make one API call instead having to call once per record to be matched.


Historical Reporting Enhancements



As an MDM administrator or data steward manager, you can build historical reports showing metrics on quarantine resolutions to measure the operational health of non-compliant data and the productivity of data stewards.


A tabular report format option is now available as an alternative to the three previously existing chart options.


Provides insight into trends of data steward activity around resolving quarantined records. The tabular format allows user an additional view of data that can also be copied and pasted.  


Notable Fixes

  • Golden record ID is rendered as the Record Title after a record is edited to have a blank title field value.
  • Deleting a field group containing a title field does not remove the corresponding field in the model’s record title template.
  • Ineligible fields are not removed from a model’s golden record title format.
  • A model’s golden record title format is not automatically cleared if the format includes no fields.
  • Unlink Golden Record From Source API operation neglects to remove source value agreements or mark resolved references as unresolved.




New Salesforce Platform Events Connector

The Salesforce Platform Events connector can listen for and send event messages from the Salesforce Platform Events service, enabling point-and-click configuration of integrations between Platform Events and business applications and systems.


Organizations will have boundless opportunities to connect Salesforce Platform Events to internal and external applications for improving operations for sales, inventory, marketing, customer service, HR and more to create business outcomes from raw event data captured in their Salesforce Platform Events instance.


New Zuora REST Connector

The Zuora REST connector uses Zuora’s latest REST API and supports the latest Zuora version. When developing new Zuora integrations, it is recommend to use this connector rather than the legacy Zuora (SOAP) connector.


The Zuora REST connector is in Tech Preview not intended for production use at this time.


Listener Management - Deploy in Paused State

You can now deploy a listener process in a paused state by using the Deployment object. Similarly, you can use the Deploy Component or Deploy Process operation to copy an existing deployment to another environment in a specific state, either running or paused.


Empowers organizations to operationalize the pause and resumption of listeners should they anticipate the unavailability of services. Additionally, this allows organizations to publish services with extensions in a paused state. This ensure that extensions can be properly configured prior to enabling the services.


NetSuite Connector 2017.1

The NetSuite connector is updated to support new features and enhancements in NetSuite Version 2017 Release 1 (also known as 2017.1).


Connector SDK Update

The Connector SDK is updated to v1.2.24 with this release. The updates in the new version add a list of the open source software licenses that are distributed with AtomSphere, and a Microsoft Word template for documenting your custom connector in preparation for submission to Dell Boomi for review.


For more information, see Custom connectors: documenting your connector.



No flow features in Boomi were included in this release. We are currently targeting January for the next set of improvements.