January 2018 Release: Highlights

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Here are some of the highlights from the January 2018 release. For the full Release Notes, see:



Video Tour

Take a quick tour of some of the new features in the release including:

  • Flow
    • Files Support
    • Long-running process support
  • B2B
    • Prevent duplicate control numbers
    • New status if acknowledgement not expected
  • AtomSphere
    • Dismiss alerts
  • MDM
    • Outbound Activity Page




Flow Files Support (Tech Preview)



In a Flow page, it is sometimes necessary to list a set of files so that users can download or interact with them. In other cases, it is helpful to be able to upload one or more files to the same location as the files being displayed. And finally, sometimes users need to upload new files and send them somewhere to be saved. You can now:

  • Build file resources in a Boomi Flow Service
  • Retrieve files from any source accessible to Boomi and send a list to Flow
  • Save files that have been uploaded from Flow to a file repository accessible in Boomi


Long Running Process Support

The Flow API requires a response within 30 seconds. In many scenarios, due to the spinning up of a JVM or an action in the process that takes a long time, Boomi cannot provide a response within that 30 seconds. As of this release:

  • Boomi will send a “wait” response to Flow, which will return a callback URL. Upon finishing the process, Boomi will return to the callback URL
  • No configuration is needed by users of the Flow Service.
  • This should limit scenarios where an atom worker is required to only when fast processing times are required by a business process.
  • A future improvement will allow more fault tolerance.




Salesforce Connector - Custom SOQL for Queries



This enhancement allows customers to configure the Salesforce Connector to execute a user specified SOQL statement instead of having the connector execute the SOQL that is generated by the SOQL generation wizard. Customers can use this functionality if they want to reuse a complex SOQL statement that they already have configured in a different tool and are migrating to Boomi.

  • The Boomi connector for Salesforce now supports custom SOQL
  • The SOQL is passed into the connector as a document
  • As above, check the “Use Custom Soql” option on the Salesforce Operation


This was a customer idea!



HTTP Client Connector - AWS Signature Authentication



Amazon APIs require that each request is sent with a unique signature that is computed using the contents of the API request. This enhancement allows the user to offload the task of calculating the required signature for each request that is made to the Amazons API’s. Previously the calculation of the signature required the use of custom scripting. This enhancement eases development and improves time to value while integrating with AWS API’s.

  • You can now make the HTTP client connector calculate the AWS signature for any request made to Amazon APIs using the HTTP client connector.
  • A new option called “AWS Signature” is available in the Authentication Type dropdown for users to choose if they want the connector to compute and send the AWS signature in the request. AWS specific authentication fields and API endpoint fields are also presented to the user when the AWS Signature authentication type is chosen.


This was a customer idea!


Intacct Connector - Query Field Selection



Field selection support allows users to retrieve just the fields of interest in a query operation instead of querying the complete record. This improves the performance of the query operation since the size of the returned data can be smaller. Test Connection support in the connector allows customers to quickly verify credentials in the connection component.

  • The Boomi connector for Intacct now supports field selection for query operations
  • Support for Test Connection feature.



Prevent Duplicate Transactions Based on Control Numbers


Some trading partners will accidentally send duplicate transmissions to Boomi customers. These duplicate transmissions were processed in the same way as the original, leading to our customers having to clean up every place a particular process changed records.

  • With this feature, customers will be able to prevent duplicate documents from entering a process based on unique numbers (e.g., ISA Control) in the transmission.
  • “Reject duplicate” on the standard tab per trading partner. Defaults to OFF.
  • The atom database stores up to 100,000 unique control numbers (per sender-receiver pair) before it begins to purge older numbers. Customers will need to size atoms accordingly to handle storage depending on their load.



Add Acknowledgement Expectation Option When Sending Documents


When sending outbound documents, customers often expect acknowledgements. Users who are monitoring these documents often want to look for unacknowledged documents so that they can address errors that may have occurred with their trading partner.

  • A new option is available per document type in X12, EDIFACT, RosettaNet, and HL7 trading partners to set whether acknowledgements are expected. To preserve backwards compatibility, this feature is ON by default.
  • To indicate that an acknowledgment is NOT expected, you must add the document type for the Outbound trading partner and uncheck “Expect Acknowledgement For Outbound Documents” (on by default). A profile is not required
  • A new status is available in Process Reporting for “Ack Status” - “Not Expected”. The possible status indicators are now:
    • Blank - Acknowledgement expected but not received
    • “Accepted”
    • “Rejected”
    • “Functional Acknowledgement” - this document is an FA
    • “Not Expected” - new status - this means a FA is not expected
  • We recommend that you implement this feature on all trading partners where you require an FA on an account, so that the status does not become confusing


Master Data Management


Operation Reporting Enhancements


As a data governance specialist or systems analyst, you can open the new Outbound Activity page, which is used to view reports on pending source record update requests and previously delivered update requests.


The consolidated interface makes outbound activity easier for data governance specialists to monitor and manage master data consistency across target applications.


Historical Reporting Enhancements



As an MDM administrator or data steward manager, you can build historical reports showing metrics to measure the operational health of non-compliant data and the productivity of data stewards.

  •  A new Download CSV option is available to export the displayed report data to a comma-separated value (CSV) file.
  • This capability supports data governance specialists who require a portable capture of historical metadata. 


Connector SDK


Enhanced UI for SDK Connectors

  • The Connector SDK is updated to support new versions of the UI components.
  • Allows all connectors built using the connector SDK to leverage new UI components for improved usability.
  • For example, the NetSuite operation above benefits from an improved search field on the “Request Profile” and our standard information icon on “Batch Size”


User Experience


Ability to close corner alerts 


Alerts can sometimes block key parts of the screen but were not dismissable, causing users to have to wait several seconds for each alert to go away.

  • Alerts can now be dismissed by clicking an “x”