February 2018 Release: Highlights

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Here are some of the highlights from the February 2018 release. For the full Release Notes, see:




Boomi Flow provides a low-code development platform that enables users to:

  • Create drag and drop workflows
  • Build and deploy simple and sophisticated workflow applications
  • Automate business processes and approvals


File Service Improvements - Document Properties

We have made some usability improvements to how Files works. A second batch of improvements will be available in March.


  • We changed the dynamic document properties for an “Upload File” Process to be “Document Properties” (called Content Type and File Name). This means the properties are visible in the UI, making them easier to learn and then set. This is a breaking change, so if you are using File Service, you should update your Flow.
  • Updates to the labels in the Files service are clearer.


Flow Screen Shotof UX Improvements


What's Next

  • In March, we plan to release a set of simplified profiles for Files, making it easier to understand and map.
  • We are also actively working on support for the Flow Database Service and on adding a Boomi connector to be able to invoke a Flow from Boomi. 


Exchange / B2B


Add EDIFACT Versions

  • 90.2, 91.1, 91.2, 92.1, 93.2 were added
  • D16A, D16B, D17A were added





New Mail (IMAP) Connector (Tech Preview)

The new Mail (IMAP) connector will allow you to get and send emails via the IMAP protocol instead of POP. It is important to note the existing Mail connector (POP protocol) is not going away. However the IMAP protocol--and therefore the IMAP connector--support additional interaction types when working with emails and may be preferred to POP especially when multiple devices or clients are involved. Many SMTP email servers support both protocols so you may be able to start using the IMAP connector without changes to your server...check with your admin and give it a try!


To get started, check out How to Use the Mail (IMAP) Connector (including example processes).


The Mail (IMAP) connector is a Tech Preview not intended for production use. The Receive and Move operations will be added soon and the connector will be released as Generally Available in a near term release.


OData Client Connector V4 - Object Browse Filtering

OData v4 is used by most Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications including Microsoft 365 for CRM and Dynamics AX7. The OData v4 connector improves time to value while connecting and exchanging data with these applications by allowing user to interact with these APIs almost like they would if they were using an Application connector specific to that application.


This update to the OData v4 connector allows you to specify filters to limit the number of objects returned while browsing the given API when configuring the Operation component. Without the ability to specify a filter the connector will only return the first 500 Objects thus preventing users from accessing the 501th Object.



  • The connector will continue to be in Tech Preview (non-production use) to get broad feedback from our users. We expect to make it Generally Available within the next few releases.


Community Ideas Delivered

Congratulations Boomi innovators! Here are your ideas delivered in the February release.



Note: Previously the delivered community ideas were communicated in a separate blog in the Ideas for Boomi space. Starting with this release, we're going to share them right here in this Release Highlights post for more visibility--you earned it!


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