March 2018 Release: Highlights

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Here are some of the highlights from the March 2018 release. For the full list of Release Notes, see:




Video Tour

Take a quick video tour of some of the new features in this release:


Full transcript of the Highlights video is available as a PDF attachment at the bottom of this post.

Flow: Workflow Automation and Application Development

Boomi Flow provides a low-code development platform that enables users to:

  • Create drag and drop workflows
  • Build and deploy simple and sophisticated workflow applications
  • Automate business processes and approvals


Support Flow Use Cases in Boomi

Boomi Workflow Automation and Application Development delivers connectivity to any endpoint and  extends an engagement layer with Boomi Flow on top of our API’s, Golden Records, Trading Partners, and integration processes. By supporting workflow automation and application development use cases in Boomi, we make our platform stronger and even more useful.


File Service Improvements - Tech Preview


  • We have simplified the default profile used for the response to an Upload Files action, making it easier to understand (see image). The old profile will still work.

Flow File Service Screenshot


Database Service Support - Tech Preview

In Boomi Flow, a Database service enables you to show lists of tabular data and edit or save records. By using AtomSphere to provide a Database service, you can connect to any data source including cloud services, databases, etc.


  • You can create a database service
  • You can create Load, Save, and Delete actions for an object, allowing Flow users to Load Tabular data, Save changes to one row, and Delete one row.


  • The ability to filter a table to show only certain records is currently not supported but will be available in a future release.

 Flow Database Service Screenshot


Exchange: B2B/EDI Management


Bug Fix - X12 Templates


  • Some recently imported templates (pre-4010) had misplaced loops. In addition, dates in those versions were incorrectly given y2k compliant years (yyyyMMdd). These issues have been fixed.

What’s Next:

  • We are currently working on an enhancement that will enable the saving of document metadata for up to 14 months in Boomi.


Mediate: API Design and Management

API Developer Productivity

Boomi speeds productivity in the design of APIs to be published for engagement with consumers both internal and external to your organization.  Boomi extends the configuration-based, low-code approach to development of the API component to enhance ease of use and time-to-value for users.

Swagger Import Screenshot


Swagger Import (File)

To facilitate developer productivity and better support a “design first” approach to API development, Boomi supports the import of Swagger to automate the generation of API endpoints.


  • The API component’s Import an Endpoint wizard allows importing from a Swagger 2.0 file as an external service.

What’s Next

  • We will be enhancing the Import wizard to allow for importing a Swagger 2.0 definition or WSDL from a publicly-facing URL.


Enhanced Authentication Flexibility

As Boomi customers look to implement their API programs in a hybrid landscape, it is important that they have a good deal of flexibility in the authentication of services they publish.


Use of Authentication Broker for Cloud Attachments

To provide greater flexibility in the authentication of APIs published to an Atom Cloud, the Authentication Type for clouds can now be set as External Delegate. This will enable the use of an Authentication Broker to support broader authentication mechanisms.


  • An Atom Cloud can have an Authentication Type set as External Delegate so that APIs from Boomi API Management can be run against it.


  • Although the use of External Delegate is supported for Atom Clouds, additional configuration changes are required for its use in Boomi’s Atom Cloud.

What’s Next

  • Update configuration of our hosted Atom Clouds to support the use of External Delegate configuration.
  • We have longer-term plans to support Authentication Broker multi-tenancy and facilitate the ability for Boomi to host an Authentication Broker for customer use.



Integrate: AtomSphere Application and Data Integration 

Boomi Loves Developers

Boomi has always been, and continues to be, focused on productivity. We want code developers to have a first class experience in Boomi. This initiative is about improving how code is written and managed in Boomi. 

Groovy 2.4.13 Screenshot


Groovy 2.4.13 - Tech Preview

With the previous version of Groovy losing support, customers were experiencing difficulty finding help on that version. As a remedy Boomi has provided the following: 


  • Groovy 2.4.13 is included on the Atom.
  • Groovy 2.4 is added as a Language selection. The previous version is labelled as 1.5.
  • The 1.5 version of Groovy is still available and all existing Groovy code will still use that library by default.


  • This enhancement is a Tech Preview so that we can incorporate your feedback. Although we have tested  extensively with a number of Groovy 2.4 scripts, we cannot test the full scope of the language and your feedback will be invaluable in helping us refine this feature.


Development Operations

In support of customer initiatives around streamlining their Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) operations and embracing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) practices, Boomi continues to focus on providing enhanced tools and approaches to automate the testing, packaging and deployment of their software artifacts.

Updated Deployment Process Screenshot


Updated Deployment Workflow (Optional Account Feature)

The deployment workflow is redesigned to improve the deployment experience for Environment-enabled accounts. To help you make the transition to the new deployment workflow at your own pace, Dell Boomi is releasing this functionality as an optional account feature for Environment-enabled accounts. If you would like to have this feature enabled in your account, contact your Dell Boomi representative.


  • The new workflow for deploying a process or component to an environment involves building the component, packaging the component, and deploying the package. A package represents a point in time during the development of a process or component.
  • As part of packaging a process or component, you can specify any alphanumeric version ID that suits your needs. User-defined version IDs uniquely identify packages and help you track where each package is being used.
  • If you package a process and make that package shareable, you can also do the following:
    • publish the packaged process in the Process Library
    • add the packaged process to an integration pack


  • If you have custom roles that include any of the following privileges, you should consider adding the Package Management privilege to those roles: Build Read and Write Access, Integration Pack, Process Deployment, or Process Library.

What’s Next:

  • We foresee providing greater flexibility in management of artifacts through the bundling of multiple packages together.
  • We plan to support improved insight around the relationship of “soft-linked” components to further simplify packaging and deployment.
  • We plan to leverage packaging as a foundational mechanism toward supporting hot-fix scenarios as part of our longer-term roadmap. 


Integrate: Connectivity

Google DFP Connector

The Google Doubleclick for Publishers connector enables Dell Boomi AtomSphere users to integrate their data with Google DoubleClick for Publishers. DFP, formerly called DART, is an open, public API that enables managing, delivering, and measuring the performance of ads.


This enhancement will allow our customers to use v201711 of the Google DFP API until August 2018.


Hadoop Connector

The Hadoop connector gets files from or sends files to data directories on the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) server(s) to which the Atom has access. HDFS is the primary distributed storage system that is used by Hadoop applications.


This update to the Hadoop connector allows customers to specify Hadoop configuration files from a network share. This will ensure that the connector reads the latest version of the configuration files and apply those configuration values for every process execution. For example a change in the active node that is reflected in the configuration files will also be honored by the connector.


Since the configuration file will need to be referenced via a local network share, this enhancement will only apply to local Atom/Molecule runtimes.


OANDA Connector

The OANDA connector allows you to query OANDA’s daily exchange rate data through the OANDA Exchange Rates API. You can use this connector to integrate OANDA with SaaS-based applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Workday, Oracle E-business Suite, and SAP. By integrating OANDA with your ERP system, you can build sophisticated workflows to automate the data into your system and provide accurate and reliable foreign exchange rate data. Users can obtain daily average foreign exchange rates provided by OANDA for over 38,000 currency pairs, and over 200 currencies, commodities, and precious metals. You can also access exchange rates sourced from 25 central banks and historical currency data back to 1990.


This is a new connector that was built by a Boomi Partner using the connector SDK.


Hub: Master Data Management

Enhanced Quarantine Access Performance

Query Quarantine Entries repository-level API


We are adding the capability to programmatically query a domain’s quarantine entries directly from the repository so that access performance is enhanced for custom alerting integrations and analytical flows that are processing higher volumes.


The new API’s request body and response body differ slightly from the corresponding platform API, so users will need to consult the documentation when they migrate their processes to the new API.

We will continue to support the platform API until all customers migrate their processes to the new API.


Call for User Experience Participation

What: Research & Discovery with Customers, Partners, and Internal Users

As new features are introduced into Boomi, many of them are evidence-based designs. UX designers and researchers meet with Boomi users to discuss use cases, create scenarios, and test concepts, to validate their usability. The outcome of these efforts influences how features are designed and implemented, to continually improve the ease of use and overall experience with Boomi.

These sessions are conducted remotely or in-person, and generally wrap up within an hour. If you would like to participate in future usability sessions, please provide your information in this form, including the areas of Boomi in which you want to be involved.

Community Ideas Delivered

Congratulations Boomi innovators! Here are your ideas delivered in the March release.




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