April 2018: Release Highlights

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Here are some of the key highlights from the April 2018 release. For the full Release Notes please reference:



Video Tour

Take a quick guided tour of some of the new features in the release:


Full transcript of the Highlights video is available as a PDF attachment at the bottom of this post.

Flow: Workflow Automation and Application Development

Support Flow Use Cases in Boomi

AtomSphere makes Flow better by providing connectivity to any endpoint that AtomSphere can reach. Flow makes AtomSphere better by enabling an engagement layer on top of our API’s, Golden Records, Trading Partners, and processes. By supporting Flow use cases in AtomSphere, we make our platform stronger and even more useful.  

The April release continues to deliver enhancements to AtomSphere-Flow integration, and also adds new connectivity capabilities

Database Service - Support for GET and Filters - Tech Preview

In Flow, a Database service enables you to show lists of tabular data and edit or save records. By using Boomi to provide a Database service, you can connect to any data source including cloud services, databases, etc. We previously  implemented the ability to Load using a query, Save, and Delete.


  • Flow Database service support is a Tech Preview not intended for production use.
  • You can now “get” a single record by ID using the Database Service.
    • A “param_id” dynamic property is available in the process to use to get the record.
  • You can now use Filters in Flow to query records for a Database Service.
    • The query is passed in and translated to a Boomi query syntax. This query can be passed in to some connectors. In order for the query to work, custom scripting may be needed to change the field names and values to those required by the querying connector (e.g., NetSuite).


  • Filters currently need to be changed by custom scripting in order to match the destination connector.  In an upcoming release, we plan to offer a way to “map” the query parameters to the field names in the destination, offering a no-code way of querying.


For more information see Adding a database object type to a Flow Service component 


Flow Client Connector - Tech Preview

In using Flow with Boomi, the Flow Client Connector will enable customers to be able to invoke a flow, or call a listener in a flow, from an AtomSphere process.

The Flow Connector can invoke a simple flow without needing any inputs, or it can provide ability to pass input to invoke a flow with input.


  • The Flow Client connector is a Tech Preview for the April release and not intended for production use.
  • You will be able to invoke a public flow from an AtomSphere process.  In the Flow Connector operation’s Options tab, you first browse all of the flows in your tenant:
    • If you select the object to initialize and invoke a flow, a generic request profile will be generated. You can populate Flow ID and version ID using Connector parameters.
    • If you select a specific flow to invoke needing input, a request profile unique to that flow will be generated so you can provide input through connector parameters.

      Flow Connection Screenshot

      New Flow Client Connector Screenshot


  • It is not yet possible to connect to a listener inside of a flow.


For more information see Flow Client Connector 


Exchange / B2B Management


The EDI team is busy working on the next big feature, so no big initiatives were delivered this month.


What’s Next

  • We are working on archiving processed documents for up to 14 months.


Mediate: API Design and Management

API Developer Productivity

Boomi speeds productivity in the design of APIs to be published for engagement with consumers both internal and external to your organization.  Boomi extends the configuration-based, low-code approach to development to the API component to enhance ease of use and time-to-value for users.

Swagger and WSDL Import (URL)

To facilitate developer productivity and better support a “design first” approach to API development, we now support the import of a Swagger 2.0 definition or WSDL from a publicly-facing URL to automate the generation of API endpoints.



  • The API component’s import  wizard now supports importing from an external service URL.


What’s Next:

  • We will be updating the API deployment interface within API Management to align with the new Deployment workflow to allow for the selection of a specific package.


For more information see Generating API endpoints in an API component from an external URL 

Enhanced Authentication Flexibility

As Boomi customers look to implement their API programs in a hybrid landscape, it is important that they have a good deal of flexibility in the authentication of services they publish.


What’s Next:

  • We plan to provide support for Basic Auth as an Authentication Source through the Authentication Broker.

Integrate: Application and Data Integration

Coupa Connector

The Coupa connector enables you to move data into and out of Coupa and integrate any on-premise applications and legacy systems with Coupa. You can use this connector and integrate Coupa with other On Demand or SaaS-based applications such as Intacct, Salesforce, SmartTurn, etc.



You can use release 20 of the Coupa API and also validate your credentials using the Test Connection functionality.


For more information see Coupa Connector 

Mail (IMAP) Connector

The Mail (IMAP) connector enables you to send email and attachments to an email server supporting SMTP, receive email, with support for multiple attachments, from any mail server supporting the IMAP protocol, and move email between folders on the IMAP server.



You can use the connector to receive email from email servers and move email between folders on the IMAP server. Previously, the connector only supported the ability to send email.


To get started, check out How to Use the Mail (IMAP) Connector (including example processes).


The connector remains in Tech Preview status (non-production use) while we obtain feedback from users.


For more information see Mail (IMAP) connector 


OData Client Connector

OData v4 is used by almost all Dynamics 365 applications like Microsoft 365 for CRM and Dynamics AX7. The OData v4 Client connector improves time to value while connecting and exchanging data with applications using OData v4 by allowing users to interact with these APIs in a similar way to using an application-specific connector.



You can use the connector to specify the If-Match/If-None-Match Request Header. The header is required to interact with Microsoft Dynamics Navision (an ERP application) and any OData API that supports concurrency.



OData v4 support remains in Tech Preview status (non-production use) to get broad feedback from our users.


Read the recent Community post "OData Client Connector Adds Concurrency Support" written by René Klomp, Principal Sales Engineer EMEA, Dell Boomi


For more information see OData Client Operation  



Hub: Master Data Hub

Rebranding - Master Data Hub

Boomi MDM has a new name! At its core the application is a master data integration platform architected as a data hub for the most efficient synchronization. So, with this release, the application is renamed Master Data Hub — Hub, for short, to better reflect how we support master data management (MDM) programs. Learn more about this in the Dell Boomi Community.

The practice of MDM is still supported on the Boomi platform. The AtomSphere MDM connector supports the integration of data with the Hub and the MDM Atom Clouds support the setup and maintenance of master data repositories. Boomi continues to enable and enforce MDM and Data Governance programs.


Call for User Experience Participation

What: Research & Discovery with Customers, Partners, and Internal Users

As new features are introduced into the Boomi platform, many of them are evidence-based designs. UX designers and researchers meet with platform users to discuss use cases, create scenarios, and test concepts, to validate their usability. The outcome of these efforts influences how features are designed and implemented, to continually improve the ease of use and overall experience with Boomi.

These sessions are conducted remotely or in-person, and generally wrap up within an hour. If you would like to participate in future usability sessions, please provide your information in this form, including the areas of Boomi in which you want to be involved.



A Dell Boomi Windows Operations Administrator Certification Path is now available for administrators in Microsoft Windows environments. This new certification path features a new Administrator class and certification exam. Certified Dell Boomi Windows Operations Administrators will be able to install a local Atom, understand its directory structure, read log files, troubleshoot issues, apply pending Atom updates during Release Control, install a Molecule, and much more. Check the Training & Certification website ( and the Dell Boomi Community ( for details.



Community Ideas Delivered

Congratulations Boomi innovators! Here are your ideas delivered in this release.


Do you have an Idea for Boomi? Let us know! (login required)