May 2018: Release Highlights

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Here are some of the key highlights from the May 2018 release. For the complete list of new features, enhancements, and fixes in the release, see: 





Video Tour

Take a quick tour of some of the new features in the release:






Initiative: Boomi Loves Developers

We want code developers to have a first class experience in Boomi. This initiative is about  improving the experience for integration developers in Boomi, from configuration through code.


Automatically Arrange Shapes on the Process Canvas

For some complex processes, the layout of the shapes on the process canvas can become a disorganized mess.


  • With the new “Arrange” feature, with a single click, the canvas will tidy itself up.
  • An option to “Revert” all types of components to the last saved version has been added. This can be used at any time, but could be helpful if you do not like the results of the Arrange.


  • Because Notes are not attached to a flow, they are currently placed toward the bottom of the canvas.


For more information, see Arranging shapes, branches, and routes on the process canvas.


Initiative: New and Improved Platform

We are working on standardizing much of the Boomi Platform UI with the end goal of delivering a new and improved user experience across all elements of the product.


Connector Brand Logos and New Start Shape

As part of the modernization of the application, we are looking to improve the usability, accessibility, and performance of our icons.



  • The Start shape now has new icons for its “No Data”, “Data Passthrough”, “Trading Partners”, and “Connector” options.
  • Many connectors now use the brand logo to help identify them in the canvas and shapes palette.

Improved Forms - Generic Connector and EDI Profiles

The many forms in Boomi are central to the developer productivity that we offer. As we improve the application, we are moving all of our forms to use an improved design, which includes UX improvements like searchable component lists, better accessibility, and better contextual help.



  • EDI profiles and some generic connector forms have been updated.
  • These forms now have improved contextual help and a more intuitive layout.



Initiative: Enable More Control Over Integrations and Data

We want our customers to have the right level of control over who can see and do what in Boomi, while at the same time providing an intuitive and usable experience.


Automatically Apply Parent Folder Permissions to Sub-folders

In AtomSphere folder permissions are set at the folder level and are not inherited. This choice was made to provide both flexibility and a consistent experience. Previously, when sub-folders were added to a restricted folders they did not use the same permissions as the parent folder.



  • New sub-folders added to a parent folder get the same permissions as the parent folder.
  • Existing folders and folders copied to another parent keep their current permissions.



Log File Download Naming Convention


When downloading the AS2 logs and Atom log files for troubleshooting connectivity issues the log files were always named the same regardless of the account or reporting period. The log files would overwrite each other making locating the correct one difficult when needed quickly.





We now include the account ID and date in the names of downloaded AS2 and Atom log .zip files.



<type>_<account id>_<yyyy-mm-dd date>


For more information, see:




Flow: Workflow Automation and App Development

Initiative: Support Flow Use Cases in Boomi

AtomSphere makes Flow better by providing connectivity to any endpoint that AtomSphere can reach. Flow makes AtomSphere better by enabling an engagement layer on top of our APIs, golden records, Trading Partners, and processes. By supporting Flow use cases in AtomSphere, we make our platform stronger and even more useful.  

The May release delivers more incremental enhancements to AtomSphere-Flow integration.


General Availability:

Flow service file resource support and Flow service database support, formerly Tech Previews, become Generally Available for production use with this release.


Flow Client Connector - Tech Preview

The April 2018 release added support for Flow connector as a Tech Preview. In the May 2018 release the Tech Preview continues with the resolution of two issues:



  • You can invoke a Flow from an AtomSphere process passing in the authentication for the default Flow identity service if the Flow needs to validate with it for launch.
  • The Flow ContentType is now preserved when passed to AtomSphere.  The JSON profile built in AtomSphere for the Flow preserves the passed ContentType.  When this JSON profile is then referenced by AtomSphere to build a payload to be sent back to Flow, the same ContentType is used.



Only the default identity service is supported for authentication passthrough.  Other third party identity service authentication cannot be passed from the Flow connector.


For more information, see Flow Client connector.




Exchange: B2B Management

New Column for Atom in Trading Partner Reporting


The Atom used to process a document is added to the Trading Partner Reporting table.


For more information, see Trading partner results table.



  • We are still busy working on archiving processed documents for up to 14 months.


Bug Fixes of Note:

  • The Trading Partner QUERY API was not working as expected. With this release, you can now QUERY the API using the AtomSphere API Connector.




Mediate: API Design and Management

Initiative - Enhanced Authentication

As Boomi customers look to implement their API programs in a hybrid landscape, it is important that they have a good deal of flexibility in the authentication of services they publish.


Basic Auth as an Authentication Source


This release of API Management facilitates the use of the same Basic authentication credentials across multiple runtimes and provides the mechanism to manage Basic authentication (and its associated credentials) as an Authentication Source. This allows this configuration to be defined once and reused across deployments (regardless of runtime).


For more information, see Authentication Source settings for Basic Authentication.





Initiative: Netsuite Connector

As a NetSuite user, you can use AtomSphere's NetSuite connector to integrate any on-premise applications and legacy systems with NetSuite. You can also use this connector to integrate NetSuite with other On-Demand or SaaS-based applications, such as Intacct, Salesforce, or SmartTurn.



Customers can use version 2017.2 of the Netsuite API, enabling access to new object types including Paycheck, Advanced Intercompany Journal Entry, Inbound Shipment, and HCM Job.


For more information, see NetSuite connector.



Initiative: PowerSteering Connector

PowerSteering is a highly configurable, top-down, cloud-based Project Management Solution (PPM) solution that enables business leaders and PMOs to optimize project portfolios, balance capacity against demand, improve financial-based decision making, and align the execution of projects to strategy and objectives across large organizations.



This is a new connector that was developed by Upland Software for their PowerSteering application using the AtomSphere Connector SDK.


For more information, see PowerSteering connector.



Initiative: Google BigQuery Connector

Google BigQuery is a fully-managed enterprise analytics data warehouse that you can use to store all of your data. You can run SQL queries to analyze terabytes of data in seconds and petabytes in minutes to find useful insights. The data is analyzed in real-time. You can easily load, process, and make interactive visualizations of your data.



This is a new connector that allows AtomSphere users to upload data, manipulate data and download data via the BigQuery REST APIs.



This connector will be available for use in AtomSphere in mid-May instead of May 9.

For more information, see Google BigQuery connector.




Compliance and Security


What: Updated Password History & Content Policy


  • The design of the Password Policy tab in the Setup page is updated to the current Boomi standard.
  • A customizable password history is provided.
  • The password expiration date is customizable.
  • The parameters for password creation are as follows:
    • Case sensitive, minimum of twelve characters, and at least one each of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters;
    • At least one character must be changed when a password is changed
  • An option to limit the number of password changes per day is provided.
  • This functionality is available to all customers.


For more information, see Password policy rules.




User Experience (UX)

Call for Participation

What: Research & Discovery with Customers, Partners, and Internal Users

Boomi uses evidence-based design to ensure that new features and design elements enhance ease of use and overall user experience. User Experience (UX) designers and researchers meet with Boomi users to discuss use cases, create scenarios, and test concepts, to validate their usability. The outcome of these efforts influences how features are designed and implemented.


These sessions are conducted remotely or in-person, and generally wrap up within an hour. If you would like to participate in future usability sessions, please provide your information in this form, including the areas of Boomi in which you want to be involved.






Boomi University, the Dell Boomi Learning Management System, is the home to all of your Dell Boomi training. Dell Boomi Education Services is proud to announce that through Boomi University we are now offering global instructor-led training. Classes are scheduled at convenient times for learners in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia/Pacific. To view the calendar of upcoming classes, go to Simply add the classes of your choice to your Course Catalog and complete your registration to be one step closer to Building the Connected Business with Dell Boomi.


In addition, a Dell Boomi Windows Operations Administrator Certification Path is now available for administrators in Microsoft Windows environments. This new certification path features a new Administrator class and certification exam. Certified Dell Boomi Windows Operations Administrators will be able to install a local Atom, understand its directory structure, read log files, troubleshoot issues, apply pending Atom updates during Release Control, install a Molecule, and much more. Check the Certification Core Competencies ( and the Dell Boomi Community ( for details.




Customer Ideas Delivered

Congratulations Boomi innovators! Here are your ideas delivered in the May release.


Do you have an Idea for Boomi? Let us know! (login required)