June 2018 Release: Highlights

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Here are some of the key highlights from the June 2018 release. For the full Release Notes please reference:



Boomi AtomSphere


Initiative: New and Improved Platform

We are working on standardizing much of the Boomi Platform UI with the end goal of delivering a new and improved user experience across all elements of the product.


Improved Forms - Database, JSON, XML, Flat File Profiles

The many forms in Boomi are central to the developer productivity that we offer. As we improve the application, we are moving all of our forms to use an improved design, which includes UX improvements like searchable component lists, better accessibility, and better contextual help.



  • Database, JSON, XML, and Flat File profile forms have been updated.

  • These forms now have improved contextual help and a more intuitive layout.

Initiative: Improvements to Boomi’s Hosting Environment


Dell Boomi is committed to modernizing its integration platform to ensure ongoing reliability, performance, and scalability. As part of this effort, the Dell Boomi hosting environment will move to a new infrastructure provider starting in the second half of 2018. A phased approach will be taken to this migration. The Dell Boomi platform will be moved first. Atom Cloud migration will come later. To learn more about the transition plans, see “Dell Boomi's Planned Improvements to its Hosting Environment.


Flow: Workflow Automation and App Development


AtomSphere makes Flow better by providing connectivity to any endpoint that AtomSphere can reach. Flow makes AtomSphere better by enabling an engagement layer on top of our APIs, golden records, Trading Partners, and processes. By supporting Flow use cases in AtomSphere, we make our platform stronger and even more useful.  


Flow Client connector

The Flow Client connector enables processes to request actions exposed in the Dell Boomi Flow API.


The Flow Client connector no longer has the Tech Preview designation and can now be used in production.

For more information, see Flow Client connector.


Security and Compliance


What: Session locking and termination


  • This feature can be enabled in Setup > Security.

  • While the feature is enabled, a user session is locked after 15 minutes of inactivity and terminates after 30 minutes of total inactivity.

  • Inactivity is determined by keyboard and mouse movements.

  • Feature behavior:

    • The screen is temporarily locked after 15 minutes of inactivity. The user must reauthenticate to unlock and extend their session.

    • The user has the ability to manually terminate a locked session instead of reauthenticating.

    • When a session is locked, if the user does not take action, the session is terminated after 30 minutes of total inactivity. The user is logged out and redirected to the login page. Their work is not saved.

  • This feature is available to all customers.


For more information, see Session Security.


What’s Next:

  • Native two-factor authentication (Tech Preview)

  • Enhanced security with virus scanning of user-uploaded components




Mail (IMAP) connector

Use the Mail (IMAP) connector to send email messages and attachments to an email server that supports SMTP. You can also retrieve email messages and attachments from any mail server that supports the IMAP protocol.

The IMAP protocol is the most commonly-used protocol to retrieve email messages through a web browser, and email clients such as Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and Yahoo! Mail provide support for the protocol. There are many benefits to using the Mail (IMAP) connector in a process instead of the legacy Mail connector, including the following:

  • Manage a mailbox from multiple devices in any location.

  • Retrieve email messages and attachments from a specific folder in a mailbox.

  • Archive and move email messages from one folder to another.

  • Support for cc and bcc addresses.

  • Improved security with TLS.



The Mail (IMAP) connector no longer has the Tech Preview designation and can now be used in production.


For more information, see Mail (IMAP) connector and How to Use the Mail (IMAP) Connector.


QuickBooks Online connector

The QuickBooks Online connector enables you to move data into and out of the QuickBooks Online financial software.


The connector connects directly to your Online account so you can create, retrieve, return, update, and delete various types of objects such as accounts, customers, departments, purchase orders, sales orders, invoices, and more. You can also query the Trial Balance Report.



The new Quickbooks Online Connector should be used to connect to QuickBooks Online. The existing QuickBooks connector should be used to connect to QuickBooks Desktop, Both the connectors will continue to be supported. However, only the QuickBooks Online connector will continue to be enhanced to support QuickBooks Online.
Note that the new Quickbooks Online Connector was built using the Connector SDK which is available to customers for use in building custom connectors.


For more information, see QuickBooks Online Connector.


Anaplan REST connector

The Anaplan REST connector enables you to upload and insert new Anaplan business modeling and financial planning data, and import and export data to on demand and SaaS-based applications.


You can upload a file as a single chunk, or in several chunks.


Anaplan allows you to perform data-intensive planning and modeling across a variety of industries for more effective top-down and bottom-up planning. You can trust your data and make informed planning and budgeting decisions.



Boomi has built a new Anaplan connector that provides more robust functionality. Among the new key features,  the new connector has the ability to be used in the Boomi Atom Cloud.


For more information, see Anaplan REST connector.


Box connector

The Box connector enables users to safely and securely store, access, share, and collaborate on files, folders, and content across devices in a cloud-friendly and secure environment.


Box is a FedRAMP approved solution. With the Box connector, agencies can securely collaborate and share content across agencies and jurisdictions. You can safely upload sensitive materials, easily find and work on the documents that you need, manage your content on-the-go from any device, and easily access the same relevant Box content whenever you need it.


The Box connector enables you to store, access, and share data from a Boomi process.



The Box connector now supports folder operations, allowing users to Create, Update, Delete and Get Folders. It also allows users to search for files in a folder.


For more information, see Box connector.


Amazon SQS connector

The Amazon SQS connector makes it easy to work with Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) by simplifying the interaction and adding convenience.


Amazon SQS is a distributed message queuing service that stores messages as they travel between applications for which Amazon provides servers. The connector uses AWS Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM) to authenticate users to Amazon. The connector and the Connector SDK support only Amazon SQS standard queues. The connector supports FIFO (First-In-First-Out).



Previously the connector only allowed 10 messages to be retrieved at a time. With this release, the connector makes additional API calls, thereby retrieving as many messages as the user requests in the Receive operation.


For more information, see Amazon SQS connector.


User Experience (UX)


Call for Participation


What: Research & Discovery with Customers, Partners, and Internal Users

Boomi uses evidence-based design to ensure that new features and design elements enhance ease of use and overall user experience. User Experience (UX) designers and researchers meet with Boomi users to discuss use cases, create scenarios, and test concepts, to validate their usability. The outcome of these efforts influences how features are designed and implemented.


These sessions are conducted remotely or in-person, and generally wrap up within an hour. If you would like to participate in future usability sessions, please provide your information in this form, including the areas of Boomi in which you want to be involved.



Dell Boomi Education Services is proud to announce the release of our newest certification path: API Design & Management. This new certification path features a new API course and certification exam. The first half of the course is available now through Boomi University (, with the second half of the course and exam targeted to be available by June 30. Users certified in API Design & Management will be able to create APIs by importing Boomi processes and/or external files into the API Component; setup Boomi as SOAP proxy for external providers and modernize SOAP to REST; configure External Authentication (Basic, OpenID), contracts, applications, and API keys; create and configure OData entities for APIs; and much more. Check the Certification Core Competencies ( and the Dell Boomi Community (Boomi Training) for details.


Customer Ideas Delivered

Congratulations Boomi innovators! Here are your ideas delivered in the June release.


Do you have an Idea for Boomi? Let us know! (login required)