July 2018: Release Highlights

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Here are some of the key highlights from the July 2018 release. For the complete list of new features, enhancements, and fixes in the release, see: 




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Initiative: Boomi Loves Developers

We want code developers to have a first class experience in Boomi. This initiative is about  improving the experience for integration developers in Boomi, from configuration through code.



Scripting component

Previously, the Boomi platform supported  inline custom scripting for JavaScript and Groovy in the Data Process shape and Map Functions. These inline scripts could not be easily reused without copying and pasting them from their original source. A new Scripting component has been added to improve reusability.


Screenshot of scripting component and script editor



  • The Scripting component supports JavaScript and Groovy scripts.

  • The Scripting component makes use of the code editor improvements in this release, as illustrated below.

  • The Scripting component is deployed as part of an integration process (it is not independently deployable).

  • Both Map Scripts (with inputs and outputs) and Process Scripts (via Data Process shape) are supported.


  • Because our SQL scripts are tied to profiles, they are already reusable and thus adding them to the scripting component would not provide additional benefit.  


For more information, see Scripting components.


Code editor improvements

A big part of coding in Boomi is the editor in which you write your code.In this release we are greatly improving the usability of our code editor, bringing it in line with what you would expect from any IDE.


Screenshot of code editor



  • A new code editor is available for JavaScript, Groovy, and SQL scripts.

  • The code editor now uses a dark background and monospaced font for easier readability.

  • The code editor now shows line numbers.

  • The code editor now allows tabs, making code easier to indent.

  • The code editor performs syntax highlighting.

  • The code editor performs language-specific validation for JavaScript, to help you find issues.

  • The code editor now has a much larger editing window.

What’s Next

  • Let us know what you think and what we should prioritize for further enhancements.



Access document and runtime properties via parameters

Document and process properties enable developers to quickly build logic into their processes.


Screenshot of document parameter functionality



  • A Size document property has been added, allowing users to make decisions based on document size in their processes. This can be useful if, for example, large documents need to be handled differently than small documents.

For more information, see Meta information document properties.


What’s next:

  • Over the next few sprints, we plan to add more document and process properties for use in shapes and scripts.




Initiative: Improvements to Boomi’s Hosting Environment

Dell Boomi is committed to modernizing its integration platform to ensure ongoing reliability, performance, and scalability. As part of this effort, the Dell Boomi hosting environment will move to a new infrastructure provider, Amazon Web Services, starting in the second half of 2018. A phased approach will be taken to this migration. The Dell Boomi platform will be moved first. Atom Cloud migration will come later. To learn more about the transition plans, see “Dell Boomi's Planned Improvements to its Hosting Environment.





Exchange: B2B/EDI Management


Initiative: APIs for all B2B Standards

This initiative will enable you to programmatically access all Boomi EDI reporting data.


Programmatically get MDN status through a new AS2 API

When using AS2 with Message Disposition Notifications (MDN), it can be useful to programmatically access the results of the MDN in order to properly handle errors. Through this AS2 API, customers will be able to get the MDN status for any AS2 communication.



  • An AS2 Connector Record object is exposed in the AtomSphere API.

  • The QUERY method is supported.

  • Tracked fields and others are queryable.


For more information, including the list of queryable fields, see AS2 connector record object.





Mediate: API Design and Management

The API Management team is in the midst of technical discovery efforts toward the incorporation of open source technologies into our platform. The ultimate goal of this effort is to address API Gateway and API Developer Portal functionality gaps by the start of next year.


Initiative: OData Support

As customers look to support interactivity with other systems, Salesforce in particular, they need to have confidence in the performance at scale of OData endpoints they expose in APIs.


Support for OData Basic Listener Filters

To date customers have encountered performance challenges when querying results from their published OData services. The inherent challenge being that filtering was applied after backend systems were queried. Thus, the user interaction with these services was markedly suboptimal because of these performance challenges. This enhancement, therefore, effectively translates the OData $filter into the standard AtomSphere query filter format. This enables the OData service developer to leverage this information to appropriately filter when querying backend systems.



  • $filter correctly translates to our standard query filter format.



  • Not all OData operations and functions are fully supported.


For more information, see OData API query passthrough.




Initiative: Security and Compliance


Two-factor authentication

Native two-factor authentication (2FA) is now available as a Tech Preview for all customers.


Screenshot of two factor authentication setting in user settings



  • A new Authentication section has been added under My User Settings in the Setup page to toggle 2FA on/off.

  • 2FA can be used with any device or mobile app that supports the TOTP (Time-based One-time Password) algorithm.

  • Once enabled for a user, an authentication code will be required any time the user logs into the platform via a web browser as well as via the API.


  • Currently, 2FA is only configurable at the user level. The ability for administrators to force users to configure 2FA when attempting to log or switch into specific accounts will be introduced in a later release.

  • 2FA is not enforced for non-administrator users when logging into Boomi via SSO

For more information, see Two-factor authentication.



Stricter concurrent session controls

An option to limit the number of concurrent sessions to two per user is now available.


Screenshot of concurrent session control in Security Options of User Settings



  • The new option, Limit the number of concurrent sessions to two per user, is in the Setup page under Security Options > Security.

  • While session concurrency enforcement is enabled, all users in the account are prompted to end an existing session when their session limit has been reached.


    For more information, see Session security.







Initiative: Expand Connector Capability

After an initial release of an application connector that targets Minimum Viable Product capabilities, we continue to enhance application connectors to accommodate new use cases that our customers would like to handle using an application connector. We also update these connectors periodically to expose new connector capabilities that are made possible due to updated APIs published by the application vendor.


Anaplan connector updates

The Anaplan connector allows you to upload and insert new Anaplan business modeling and financial planning data, and import and export data to on demand and SaaS applications.



  • Add support for the Download operation.

  • Add support for the List operation.

  • Add support for defining dynamic IDs, using document properties, for the Import, Export, Download, Delete, and Process actions: This allows you to change the operation configuration at runtime.


For more information, see Anaplan operation and How to use the Anaplan Connector.


Google BigQuery connector updates

The Google BigQuery operation defines how to interact with your Google Cloud Platform account instance and represents a specific action (Streaming Insert, Run Job, Get Query Results, Update) to perform against a specific Google BigQuery object.



  • Add phased retry for the Streaming Insert operation. This allows the connector to retry failed requests during an Insert, thus removing the need for you to implement this retry logic in the process.


For more information, see Google BigQuery operation.


QuickBooks  connector updates

The QuickBooks  operation defines how to interact with your QuickBooks  account and represents a specific action to perform against a specific QuickBooks  object.



  • Add support for the Advanced Query operation: This allows you to specify complex queries in a SQL-like sentence instead of using filters to generate the query.



Advanced Query supports QuickBook  batch processing where multiple operations are performed in a single request. However, the QuickBook  batch service cannot guarantee that the batch items in the request will be executed in order. To preserve the order and sequence, use the Flow Control shape in your process.


For more information, see QuickBooks  operation.


OData connector updates

Use the OData Client connector to connect AtomSphere with any OData service. This connector acts as generic OData protocol connector and is not application-specific.

OData (Open Data) is a standardized protocol for creating and consuming data APIs. Many providers offer access to their data by using the OData protocol, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications.


OData v4 support is no longer a Tech Preview



  • OData v4 support is no longer a Tech Preview.

  • Add support for connection testing.

  • A custom filter, similar to that in OData V2, is added as a filter field: This allows you to specify complex queries as text instead of using filters to generate the query.

  • Add an Include ID in Path (OData 4.0 only) option to Get and Delete actions, replacing the OData 4.0 Path Syntax option.



Any OData v4 Tech Preview and Beta references in the UI can be ignored and will be removed in the August release.


For more information, see OData Client connection and OData Client operation.


Salesforce Platform Events connector updates

Use the Salesforce Platform Events connector to configure the integration between Salesforce Platform Events and connected business applications.


Salesforce Platform Events is a feature in the Salesforce enterprise messaging platform. This feature helps organizations run faster and more efficiently through event-driven business processes that execute in near-real time.



  • Listen operations honor Atom proxy settings.

  • A phased retry is implemented for transport and handshake failures.


For more information, see Salesforce Platform Events connection and Salesforce Platform Events operation.





User Experience (UX)


Call for Participation

What: Research & Discovery with Customers, Partners, and Internal Users

Boomi uses evidence-based design to ensure that new features and design elements enhance ease of use and overall user experience. User Experience (UX) designers and researchers meet with Boomi users to discuss use cases, create scenarios, and test concepts, to validate their usability. The outcome of these efforts influences how features are designed and implemented.


These sessions are conducted remotely or in-person, and generally wrap up within an hour. If you would like to participate in future usability sessions, please provide your information in this form, including the areas of Boomi in which you want to be involved.






Dell Boomi Education Services is proud to announce the release of our newest certification path: API Design & Management. This new certification path features a new API course and certification exam. The course is available now through Boomi University ( Users certified in API Design & Management will be able to create APIs by importing Boomi processes and/or external files into the API Component; setup Boomi as SOAP proxy for external providers and modernize SOAP to REST; configure External Authentication (Basic, OpenID), contracts, applications, and API keys; create and configure OData entities for APIs; and much more. Check the Dell Boomi Community ( for details.





Community Ideas Delivered

Congratulations Boomi innovators! Here are your ideas delivered in the July release.


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