New Development Workflow Walk Though

Blog Post created by cassie_wang972880 on Mar 21, 2018

In the AtomSphere March 2018 release, Dell Boomi released a new deployment workflow as an optional account feature. To access the new workflow, you must have environments enabled in your account, and you must request access to the feature from your Dell Boomi Representative.

What changed in the redesign? You no longer attach and deploy a process to a single environment. Now you package the process and deploy the package to any number of environments. We replaced automatic versioning with user-defined versions that are meaningful to you.  The version stays with the package when it is deployed or is shared in the process library or integration packs.   

Do you want to learn more? Education Services has created a video showing how to use the new deployment. You can view this video when logged in to the Dell Boomi LMS (New Development Workflow Walk Though Video) or you can click below.

Please note: The new deployment functionality currently cannot be enabled in training accounts. Please contact your Boomi Account or Partner manager if you are interested in learning more.