Autotask Integration

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Apply these connector best practices to your process development.

     The Autotask Connector supports the following actions:

  •           QUERY - Returns one or more records that match zero or more filters.
  •           CREATE - Creates a new record.
  •           UPDATE - Modifies an existing record.

Note: Not all actions are available for every record type.

     Querying Records

     When querying records from Autotask, each record found will be returned as a separate Document and be processed dependently. It is important to remember that some objects you see within the Autotask UI are split apart into separate objects in the API. For example, if you queried the Invoice object, the data that is returned is header level information. It you wanted the detail level Billing Items, you would need to query the Billing Item object using the InvoiceID obtained from your original query.


     As you can see in the illustration above, we have a filter and parameter configured for the connector call to the Autotask Billing Items object. The parameter will accept the invoice id field from the previous query, then pass this into the filter configured for the operation. This will then return the billing items associated with that particular invoice id.

     Date Format

     There is currently no standard date format for Autotask, as you are given the option within Autotask to define your own. You will need to obtain the current date/time format from within Autotask, and utilize the current format within your profiles.