Parature Integration

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Apply these connector best practices to your process development.

     Action Definitions

     The Connector supports the following actions:

  •           Retrieve - Returns a single record for a specified internal ID (objectID). Option to include the record's history as well.
  •           List - Returns a list of records based on some selection criteria.
  •           Create - Creates a new record. Be sure to specify all required fields.
  •           Update - Modifies an existing record. When updating a record, be sure to provide values for all the fields you care about because bank or omitted fields will replace the existing values.
  •           Delete - Removes an existing record. If option to "purge" is checked, record will be completely deleted and cannot be recovered. Otherwise, record is moved to trash bin. Not all record types can be "trashed" and therefore must be purged.

Note: Not all actions are available for every record type.


     Date Format

     Parature Date/Time elements should be configured with the following format: