RightNow Integration

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Apply these connector best practices to your process development.

     Testing the RightNow Connector

  •           If possible, use a different user log-in to review RightNow results when testing in AtomSphere with specific connection credentials. Any tests committed in AtomSphere will log you out of your RightNow client if you are using the same log-in information.

     Setting QUERY Operation Filters

     In order to properly build a QUERY operation for the RightNow connector, you need to supply a ReportID that syncs with a custom report constructed in the RightNow Service Application. Refer to the RightNow Operation QUERY documentation to learn how to reference the filters built into the report.

     Creating a Custom Organization Report

     The steps below outline how to build a simple Organization report that can be filtered by the Organization Name at run time.

  1.           Log-in to the RightNow CRM application
  2.           Open the Reports Explorer on the Analytics tab
  3.           Highlight the My Reports folder and Choose New Report from the menu bar
  4.           Click on the 'Grid Report' link in the Getting Started window
  5.           Click on the Data Dictionary button on the Menu Bar to show the tables and fields that you can select
  6.           Highlight the Organizations (orgs) node under All Tables in the left Data Dictionary window
  7.           Select a limited set of fields (eg. Organization ID (org_id), Date Last Updated (updated)) and Drag them to the Data Area in the report's Edit mode.  Note: The fields selected for the Data Area have no impact on the object data returned through the RightNow connector into the AtomSphere process.
  8.           Highlight & Drag the Organization Name (name) field to the Docked Filters section
  9.           In the Edit Filter window, Assign an arbitrary name for the filter (eg. OrgName). Note that the 'Make this filter selectable at run time' setting is checked by default and the Operator definition is set to 'equals'.
  10.           Select OK and click the Save icon in the top menu bar to give the report an appropriate name

     Displaying the Report IDs in the Report Explorer

     The steps below outline how to display the internal Report ID for all custom reports.

  1.           Log-in to the RightNow CRM application
  2.           Open the Reports Explorer on the Analytics tab
  3.           Navigate to the desired reports folder
  4.           Click on the Choose Details button in the Display section on the Menu bar
  5.           Check the ID field in the 'Hide or Display Details' window and Click OK