Expected behavior when unchecking the "Wait for Process To Complete?" option on a Process Call shape

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You have unchecked the "Wait for Process to Complete?" option on a Process Call shape, 
but the calling process is still taking a long time because it is not cleaning up
until the sub-process completes.  When this option is unchecked, isn't the calling process
supposed to not wait for the sub-process to complete?
For a Process Call shape,

if the “Wait for process to complete” option is on, the calling process will wait for the sub-process to complete before continuing to its next step.
if the “Wait for process to complete” option is off, the calling process Not wait for the subprocess to complete and will continue to its next step in parallel.


The key thing to note in the above descriptions is the addition of the words "next step".  Unchecking this option is not intended to behave as a “don’t wait and forget”…
It is simply intended to indicate whether the calling process should wait or continue executing next steps in parallel.
The behavior of this option is intended to control the behavior of the steps following the process call shape,
but not the behavior of the calling process’ completion state or length of time.

For example, when a sub-process is configured as Data Passthrough, this is an extension of a main calling process.

To provide the ability to access these documents, properties or logs within the sub-process, the main process will need to continue tracking this information to its completion, resulting in a longer elapsed time.

As a best practice, we recommend enabling the “Wait for process to complete” option whenever you have a process call that is a data passthrough as the elapsed time for the calling process
will include the time to track these documents to their completion (including through the data passthrough sub-process).
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