Access denied when editing atom.vmoptions on windows

Document created by anton_serbanescu Employee on Feb 7, 2014
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Need to edit a file : atom.vmoptions on a Windows system, but the following is returned : access denied.
Administrator is logged on and attempts to edit the file. What else is needed.
1. Click on Start
2. Right click on command prompt icon and select run as administrator
3. Go to <Atom_installation_directory>\bin
4. Edit atom.vmoptions
5. Restart the atom.

More information:

1, log in using your normal account
2, open the command prompt box by right clicking over the icon and run as admin.
3, type "net user administrator /active:yes" and press enter
4, log off your user account and when the logon screen appears you should now see a new admin logon.
5, Once logged in on this account you should be OK to alter your files.
6, Before logging off this admin account go back to the cmd prompt and
type  "net user administrator /active:no"
7, log off