Have two branches. The split doc on branch one, does not continue to the second branch. Why ?

Document created by anton_serbanescu Employee on Mar 4, 2014
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Have two branches. The split document on the first branch does not continue on the second branch, and the second branch executes once for every record there is in the inbound document. Why?
That is the expected behavior.

Lets say you have a inbound document with 5 email addresses records. You split the inbound on the first branch, so it will
generate 5 documents. The 5 documents will end on the Stop shape of the first branch, and not continue and they will not be
available on the second branch. The second branch will execute 5 times, once for each record in the inbound document.

If you want the second branch to execute only once for each record, you will need to split the inbound document, prior 
to the branch step, so each branch will process only one record.