Certain Steps Not Being Executed in Process Flow

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While testing your process, one or more steps may seem to get skipped in the flow of execution.
The most common reason for this behavior is that the step being skipped is not completely connected properly in your process.  Check to make sure that the arrow coming from the previous step is connected to the step in question and that there is a little green icon visually indicating the connection.


Here's an example of a Process for which all the steps are connected correctly.  Notice the green arrow icons appearing at each step:




Now, let's say while building out or rearranging your Process, you happen to disconnect the green arrow icon (turning it red) coming from the Start step and drag it to the Map:




After connecting it to the Map, the arrow appears green again overlapping the other green arrow connection icon.  Notice now that although it looks like we have all our steps connected within the Process flow, there is no longer a green connection icon extending from the Start step to the Set Properties step: