IDEV1 - Nothing on local disk

Document created by mike_c_frazier Employee on Nov 8, 2012Last modified by nancy_kenney on Nov 14, 2017
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I ran both "prospect tracking" processes in test mode on my local atom, both say they executed the inserts, but I see nothing in my local db. no errors.
This is a tough one to spot, but it usually happens when you don't get an error but are not seeing the expected results. This is often caused by mismatch profiles being used in more than one place in the process. For example, you used the 'Customer Insert - Full Backup' profile within your DB connector. However, you're using a different DB profile (Customer Insert) within the destination profile in your map. These profiles need to be the same. Swap one of them out so that they are both the same in those both places and try again.