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Document created by mike_c_frazier Employee on Dec 5, 2012
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Subscribed to RSS feeds in either Atom Management or Account Setup and they are not working
1. Verify that at least one atom and/or one process is running and producing alerts. (It could be possible that the atom or process is simply not producing any alerts)

     2. After verifying step 1, try re-subscribing to the feeds in AtomSphere. Verify that the client tool is accepting the RSS feed request.

     3. If the feeds are still not working after trying step 2, try subscribing to the RSS feeds from the Client application using the following steps. For example from Outlook, right click on the RSS Feeds folder and select "Add a New RSS Feed". A prompt should appear to enter a url. Login into the AtomSphere account and select the Account Name -> Setup -> Account Information and select the Subscribe link which will open a new browser tab with the RSS feed. Copy the URL from the new browser tab that is showing the RSS feed. Enter the url directly into the client tool prompt.

     4. If the feeds are still not working, contact Dell Boomi Support with your account ID and username. We will investigate the account to verify RSS feeds are working properly for the account.

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