Error: Process is already running; executionId execution-###...

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Process is already running, executionId execution-e17f9dd2-f320-4653-bbf0-e74ef7377e4b-2013.05.27







This indicates that there is a pending execution (in this case it is execution-e17f9dd2-f320-4653-bbf0-e74ef7377e4b-2013.05.27) that is currently running which is preventing newer executions from running.


If you think that the pending execution should not be pending you can try to cancel it through the process reporting window: To Terminate a Pending Process Execution . This should cancel the pending execution and allow newer executions of the process to run.


If newer executions do not run after attempting to cancel the pending execution, AND:



  • The execution is running on a local Atom or a private Atom Cloud:
    • You may need to restart your atom or contact the administrator of the private cloud and ask the administrator to cancel the execution.
  • The execution is running on the Dell Boomi Atom Cloud:
    • Please open a support case and request that the pending execution be cancelled. Also, make sure you provide the execution id for the pending execution along with the account ID when you create the support case.


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