Deployed process showing no results in endpoint no errors indicated

Document created by vreddy Employee on Sep 6, 2013
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Deployed process showing no results in endpoint; no errors indicated

     You may not seeing any errors because the operation is set to "Return Application Error Responses:" and the is returning responses similar to:

     <message>OBJ: AcctSeed__c - A cash receipt must contain a value for the payment reference field.</message>

     which indicates that the data you are sending to the endpoint is not valid.

     You can view these documents/responses in the process reporting window by selecting that execution and then selecting the outbound connector.

     Typically, when then "Return Application Error Responses:" is checked, users should have a decision shape after the insert/update to check if the insert was successful. If it was not a successful insert, then you can take take appropriate actions like sending out a notification.