Failed to deliver document to endpoint

Document created by mike_aronson Employee on Dec 12, 2013
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You are observing an error such as the following when making a request to a web service listener deployed on a local atom or the atom cloud:
Failed to deliver document to endpoint 'https://hostname:port/ws/simple/…' on a local atom or '…' on the atom cloud:
Reason: application=cc-deliver - Http Out transport id=HttpBasicAuthOut encountered error sending to endpoint
If on local atom, download Atom Container Log from Manage –Atom Management and look for entry based on timestamp in the http shared server log.
If on Dell Boomi Atom Cloud, open a support case so that Boomi Support can look for this in our logs.
If the entry did not reach the http shared server log, then the request that failed never made it to the atom cloud servers.
The point of failure could be on the requestor side or on the network path between the source and destination.