How does the date format function work?

Document created by gbockelmann Employee on Aug 31, 2011
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What values need to be set for the Date Format function?  Do we need to use the date format function?
The Date format function is only needed when handling 'Character' data type fields being mapped from a source Profile.  If you are using a character type, you need to set input and output date masks in the function accordingly.

If the source and destination date fields use the 'Date/Time' data type, you can simply supply the inbound/outbound date mask syntax in these Profile fields and perform a direct mapping without a function. The Profile will auto-convert the source date format into the AtomSphere universal date format and then convert it to the syntax defined in the destination profile.

AtomSphere automatically converts to this universal format whenever a Date/Time field is referenced in a Process:

yyyyMMdd HHmmss.SSS

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