How to cancel a test mode execution

Document created by mike_c_frazier Employee on Dec 6, 2012
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How to cancel an test mode execution that may be pending/hung.

     Here are the steps to cancel an test mode execution:

     1. Get the execution id for the test run:

  •           The way to get the execution id is to go into the atom directory, go to execution/history/<date of the execution> and find the directory with the same time as the start of the execution. The name of this directory is the execution id.

     2. Cancel the execution id via JMX by following the steps below

     Note: This would require that you have a JDK installed. If your atom is setup with a JRE there is no need to configure it to run with a JDK.

     – Run the <jdk>/bin/jconsole.exe application. The atom should show up in New Connection/Local Process as Launcher.
     – Click on the atom process and connect.
     – Once connected, select the MBeans tab, ( choose the 2nd cancelExecution that allows you to enter the executionId and a reason ).
     – Enter the executionId and reason ( This will show up in the Manager for this execution) and click the cancelExecution button. If the execution was canceled successfully, then return value will be true ( false if it was not cancelled successfully ).