IDEV1 - Find Changes

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The Find Changes step provides a method for a process to track changes made to a document and send the document results down an Add, Update or Delete path. This is useful for processing large data sets or mainframe files where a full capture of the data always needs to be retrieved from the source system. An alternate process design should be considered if you can simply retrieve the modified data per process execution because it is naturally more efficient.

The Find Changes step parses one line at a time and forwards the result down the appropriate path.  In the following example our Find Changes step, shows we will be examining the data in a flat file called Org List FF.

The Org List FF contains the following fields.

We will be examining the following fields to determine if it is a new or existing record.

The first execution of a process with this step will send all results down the Add path. Subsequent executions will use this first document as the basis for comparison, and added or updated data will be stored per execution.
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